Thursday, June 11, 2015

25 Before 25: Wrapping Up

So it's official. I'm 25 and my time frame to complete my 25 Before 25 list is OVER. I by no means completed all of the items on my list (grad school had the tendency to get in the way of pretty much everything in my life!), but I had a great time doing the things that I did cross off! This list really motivated me to try new things, forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, and reminded me to make time to enjoy life when things were hectic. I feel like with every item I checked off my list a grew a bit more as a person which makes me very happy. I highly recommend trying out a challenge such as this, and I hope to attempt another in the near future!

Here's my final list:

1. Get my boating license (I've lived on a lake for virtually my entire life, and I somehow still haven't gotten my license.)
2. Conquer a Spartan Race (Louie has been trying to get me to do one with him. I think now is the time!)
3. Visit a new city (I need to travel!) Completed 3/30/2014
4. Play in a lacrosse game again (I miss my sport.) Completed 3/1/2014
5. Take another art class (There are so many out there - it will be great to brush [ha] up on my skills!) Completed 12/23/15
6. Volunteer (I always make the excuse of not having enough time. I need to stop doing that and give back!) Completed 4/6/2014
7. Attend a friend's special event (birthday party, graduation, wedding, etc.) (Same as the above goal. I want to support my friends more and be there for their special moments in life!) Completed 12/21/2014
8. Finish 25 books-for-pleasure (I have a goal to read 10 this year, so that will be helpful!)
9. Go on another road trip somewhere (Even if it's just a trip to the state's only Sonic) Completed 7/20/2014
10. Have coffee or drinks with a previous mentor (This is currently in the works... just need to somehow find a common time!) Completed 3/28/2014
11. Hit triple digits for my YouTube subscribers (This may happen sooner rather than later - I'm currently at 90!) Completed 3/1/2014
12. Purchase myself a GoPro (Possible birthday present to myself?) Completed 12/25/14
13. Accomplish a multi-distance race series (Looking into the Twin Lobster or Triple Threat this year, or the Fool's Duel next spring.) Completed 8/3/2014
14. Climb another mountain (It's been a while since I've been hiking. I miss it.)
15. Purge my closet, donate things to charity, & buy some more "grown up" clothes (I feel like I need a closet re-vamp, and there are some things I just don't wear anymore!)
16. Finish a painting (Not including any paintings I might create during #5.) Completed 11/17/2014
17. Go to King Richard's Faire (This looks like it would be so silly and fun!)
18. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years (Hopefully I don't lose it between the time I write it and the time I intend to open it! I would...) Completed 2/18/15
19. Visit a farmer's market (There's one right down the street from me during the summer. I have no excuse.)
20. Read 3 books from The World Library 100 that I haven't read before (I've read a few for past English & Literature classes. These can count toward my 25 books for #8!)
21. Watch 5 films from AFI's Top 100 that I haven't seen before (Seen a handful of these throughout my life. Want to see more!)
22. Be able to lay my hands flat on the floor when I try to touch my toes (Seriously, I am so inflexible. I need to make regular stretching a thing.)
23. Do three pull-ups without assistance (Upper-body strength is also something that I want to work on.)
24. Go to a shooting range (Seriously always wanted to do this!) Completed 12/24/14
25. Graduate with my Master's degree (This may actually happen a couple days after my 25th birthday, but my coursework should be done by then!) Completed 5/13/15 (Coursework completed 5/11/15 - on my 25th birthday!)

14/25 goals completed

Have you ever attempted a goal challenge like this?
How did it go?
Let me know in the comments! 

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