Thursday, April 17, 2014

25 Before 25: Have Coffee or Drinks with a Previous Mentor (#10)

A few weeks ago, Louie and I went out to dinner and drinks with our former Lasell supervisor and mentor, Jenny! I met Jenny through Lasell's Leadership Scholar program, and through working with her and the program I got involved with the college in ways that I would have never thought possible - becoming an Orientation Leader, Peer Mentor for other Leadership Scholars, Resident Assistant, working for Career Services... everything under the sun! Without the support and encouragement from her and the program, I probably wouldn't have gone down the student leader path and probably wouldn't have wound up chasing a Student Affairs career. She's a major factor of why I am where I am in my life, and I can't thank her enough!

From left to right: Me, Jenny, and Louie!

Jenny invited me back to Lasell next month to speak to a group of undergraduate student leaders about my experience at Lasell, and I can't wait to go back and see how the Leadership Program has developed since I've left! It just goes to show that staying in touch with those that make a significant impact in your life (beyond just when you need something from them) can really make a difference in where your life goes. Keep those relationships that are important to you and make the effort to stay connected - even if it's just an email to say hello!

Thanks for all you've done and still do for me, Jenny! 

*I'm attempting to reach 25 goals before I reach the age of 25! Want to see the whole list? Check it out here!

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