Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Goals

This month I'm just going to focus on a.) fitting in/settling in at the new job and b.) staying on track. I have a lot of things going on right now and I just want to make sure I'm staying on top of everything before I fall behind and stress myself out even more.

Believe it or not, the coffee goal is a part of this. I find that if I drink too much coffee I get into my own head and think of a million and one things that aren't pressing matters and manage to get myself flustered. I'm going to try and drink water or something else instead of that extra cup of coffee every day. (Plus, I'll be healthier! :D)

And of course, an update on my July goals!

1. Wasn't financially able to register for Hartford, but I'm aiming to officially claim a bib this month!
2. I only managed to read 1 book (the book club book!) during July.
3. Completed!
4. Completed! I do a lot of walking outside when I'm around campus, and if I'm not walking, I'm out running!
5. Completed/In-Progress. I definitely started preparing for the fall in July, but a lot of my preparations are still in my mind. This goal will continue throughout the month of August.

July was an iffy month in the goal department. I transitioned to a new job which definitely took priority over my more leisurely goals!


  1. Good luck on your goals! I like setting goals every month. I may have to try it! And toning down the Coffee. I need to do that. I'm addicted.

    1. I find setting goals every month keeps me motivated to stay active and on track! Definitely try it.

      I'm addicted to coffee as well. Sometimes I get headaches if I don't drink it! So bad :/

      Thanks for the comment and stopping by my blog!

  2. nuuu don't punish the coffee!! xD

    good goals though and i wish you the best of luck with it all!

    1. I wish I wasn't! I love my coffee! I just feel so much better if I drink water instead.

      Thanks for the well wishes and the comment! :)

  3. good luck with everything!! :)

  4. Good luck with your goals! I hear you on the reading more. I spent two hours in a cafe on Sunday just reading and it was absolutely lovely. I wish I could say I'd like to stay on track with my running schedule, but that means I have to create one... it's something I'll get around to eventually! (I really, really don't like to run, but I should start :P)

  5. staying on track with the running... you can do it! :)