Sunday, January 12, 2014

Food, Football, Friends & Family

I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend with Brett, watching the Pats take the division title over Indianapolis, eating awesome food (including my favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip! I'll have to share my recipe with you guys one of these days...), and playing with Brett's adorably awesome niece and nephew. It's amazing being surrounded by great people without the worry or need to be anywhere or do anything except eat good food and enjoy the company!

Little Sophia was loving playing with my camera and got some pretty awesome vlog footage for tomorrow, haha! She's just starting to get the hang of walking and is learning more and more words (well, at least noises that sound like words) each time we see her like "socks" ("caks"), "ball" ("bah"), and "Brett" ("Beh"... pretty similar to ball!). So adorable! She's the first baby I've really been around and seen develop over time (Brett and I started dating about a week after she was born!), so it's been a very cool experience to see her grow!

How was your weekend?

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