Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Etsy Wishlist {January 2016}

Though I don't have a ton of disposable income (insert obligatory complaint about student loans here), I have developed quite the addiction to perusing Etsy over the past few months and obsessing over all of the cuteness that is that website. If you start going through the site and favoriting items and shops, the site draws you in by recommending similar items and shops, which you then in turn favorite more items and shops, then it recommends EVEN MORE items and shops... it's just a vicious circle. An adorable, handmade, vicious circle. Ooof. Here are the items that I'm eyeing lately (and if I'm honest with myself will likely be purchasing in the near future #noselfcontrol #whatretirementfund).

I've fallen back into a bit of a FauxDori/traveller's notebook obsession and I blame all the fabric FauxDori creators on Etsy. I'm particularly fond of the shop MelonJournal - they have so many designs for covers, and they will customize the hell out of your notebook! You can add pockets, pen loops, charms, etc. I'm really tempted to buy one for the traveling I'll be doing in the coming weeks! (As if I need MORE journals and notebooks....)

I first saw these on FiloAlly's Instagram and instantly fell in love! Shopsomebunnyy makes these hilariously awesome cutouts of characters from The Office as well as a few of my other favorite shows like Parks & Recreation and New Girl (which unfortunately are all sold out at the moment... D:). I love that every single one has a bow on it to make it "kawaii" - a little playful poke at the kawaii stationary trend! These are so silly and awesome and I want them all.

Speaking of FauxDoris, LyraandCo makes the CUTEST inserts! A step away from the plain-Jane covers, this shop offers inserts with all sorts of cute patterns on them. I'm particularly fond of the fox insert (shown above) and the citrus fruit inserts that are in the shop, but there are just so many to choose from. I have a feeling that I will be spending lots of my play money on this shop. So, so cute!

When I put in a sticker order from LemonPaperCo. on Black Friday, a sample pack of these adorable planner stickers was thrown in with my order and I LOVE THEM! I totally need to purchase more as the sheet is almost gone, but they are so adorable and the perfect way for me to note when it's time to sit down with my planner and plan out the week. These also come in a daisy design which I am, of course, in love with as well.

Kind of straying away from the stationary theme... How cute is this little plush?! This came across as a recommended item for me and Etsy was *dead on* - I love this little guy! He's so cute and would make a great addition to my desk at work or my bookshelf at home. I'm always looking for cute and interesting new items to spruce up my environment and this is something that I feel would always make me smile. :) Those gap teeth and the ice cream? Come on. Way too adorable.

Do you use Etsy? What's your favorite online shop?
Let me know in the comments!

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