Thursday, January 28, 2016

Providence Marathon Training Update #1

As I announced in my Winter/Spring 2016 Race Preview post last week, I'm training for my fourth marathon, the Cox Providence Marathon, which will be on May 1st. I wanted to do some periodic training updates for you all to share my experience of juggling marathon training with all of my other commitments and document what it's really like!

Marathon training is off to a slow start this time around. I've found that I get very bored with the repetitiveness of my training program at the very beginning, and I'm now enjoying my long runs a little bit more. (I mean, I've only gotten up to 7mi so far so it's not that far quite yet, but still.) I've been having a lot of knee pain lately, so I'm often resigning myself to the elliptical which isn't the best option for training, but it's better than the treadmill that tends to put me through a lot of pain. 

Of course, I still definitely prefer getting outside than heading to the gym to get my miles in, but it's usually dark before I leave work and I'm the actual worst at waking up in the morning, so during the week I'm confined to indoor running. We do have an indoor track that I like to utilize when it's free and my run is short (a shortened indoor track means 3mi = 24 laps.... yikes), so at least I can put that in the plus column! I'm trying to stay outside for my #SundayRunday long runs if I can help it.

Overall, I think I'm off to a positive start. Runs will progressively get tougher, of course. This weekend I have 9 miles on the schedule which I haven't run in *forever* (not since Colt State in November, I'm pretty sure) so we shall see how it goes. Regardless, I just got a running wardrobe update (thanks to Brett!) consisting of the most awesome leggings you will probably ever see. If that's not motivation enough to wear them around to show them off, I don't know what is!

Bear Leggings | Yoda Yoga Leggings (no longer available) | Space Leggings | Light Saber Leggings (no longer available)

Looking forward to continuing my marathon training journey for the fourth time.
It's going to be a great experience and I'm hoping it's my best marathon yet!

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