Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Black Bear Half Marathon Snaps {June 2017}

Over the weekend my parents ran and completed their very first half marathon! I made the journey up to the University of Maine Orono campus to cheer them on. Running a half marathon is a huge undertaking and I wanted to be sure they had someone cheering them on and giving them support where they needed it! They both did such a fantastic job and I am super proud of them! Here's a few snaps I grabbed before and after the race, as well as a few ~official race photos~ snapped by Marquis Images.

Pre-race! Ready to rock!

Crushing the half!

Post-race! Happy to be finished!

I made a sign to cheer my parents on. Here are the two finishers posing with it! :D

#prouddaughtermoment #runnerfamily

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