Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pittsburgh Marathon Training Update: March 2017

It feels like I *just* posted my training update from February... time is flying! We are just under five weeks until the Pittsburgh Marathon and this is honestly the best I've felt this close to a marathon. I feel like when I usually get down to a month out I start to panic a little bit because I haven't been as on top of my training as I would like. That's really not the case this time around, and while I'm not hitting *every* run on my training calendar, I'm really trying to prioritize lacing up and running on the days that I need to and I'm very happy about that!

After a few successful long runs and a very successful Golden Shamrock Challenge weekend, I'm feeling like I'm in a good spot for May 7th. My legs, particularly my butt and hips, start to both me around the 2.5 hour mark which is a bit concerning as my marathons are usually over 5 hours in length, but I'm hoping a healthy dose of foam rolling and yoga will help with that. As long as my lower half is good, I'll feel good about walking into another 26.2.

My one concern entering into April is time. April is the busiest month of the year for me work-wise, not leaving a ton of time to fit in running on top of working more hours than usual and attempting to still care care of myself and the other responsibilities in my life. (Example: I was up all night with a sick dog last night, only got about three solid hours of sleep, and have a twenty-mile long to-do list that needs to get done today. Yeah... run will likely get sacrificed on a day like today to avoid sickness/insanity.) I'm going to still try to work in as many runs as I can in these final weeks of training, prioritizing long runs (of course) and fitting in anything else that makes sense during the week. We'll see how things go!

Final month of training!

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