Thursday, November 7, 2013

Big Announcement!

If you read my Tumblr HESA Life (where I talk about all things student affairs, grad school, assistantship, higher education, life as an RD, and all things inbetween as I stumble my way through becoming a new professional in this field #shamelessplug), you already know what my big announcement is, but I wanted to share it on my main blog as well because I'm just so excited about it!

Last week my Student Development professor asked me and a couple other students to stay after class. I thought it would be regarding our grades or something along those lines, so I was pretty nervous as to why I was being held after. I was pleasantly surprised when our professor told us that two of his program proposals for the ACPA National Convention were accepted, and that he wanted the four of us to help him present!

That means I'll be flying to Indianapolis in March to present at a National Convention for Student Affairs.

Of course, a few things still need to be worked out (such as funding and travel arrangements), but if all goes according to plan, I'll be presenting to a room full of professionals from around the country as a first year graduate student. They're going to be learning from ME. Mind. Blown.

I am super grateful to my professor for giving me this awesome opportunity! I never in a million years would have pictured myself presenting at a national convention, let alone doing so as a first year student in my program! I'm SO excited and hope that everything works itself out so I can go! :)

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