Monday, July 8, 2013

July Goals

I've finally returned from my vacation and gotten back into normal life with normal working internet! HOORAY! Here are my goals for the month of July...

I feel like this is a good balance between relaxing summer goals and productive professional and personal goals. Definitely feeling confident about this month!

Last month I only set two goals for myself - to read 2 books and to complete every obstacle at the Superhero Scramble. I completed my reading goal with A Dog's Purpose (review coming tomorrow!) and Whiskey Sour (the first book in an awesome murder mystery series - can't wait to read the others!). I didn't complete every obstacle at the Superhero Scramble, but I can definitely say that I at least attempted all of them and gave them my best shot (more detail here) which I'm proud of. I'd say that my June Goals were a success!

I'm happy to be back blogging again. Things got hectic there for a bit, but a good hectic. I have so much more to blog about, so keep your eyes open for more posts coming this week! :)

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