Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Foamy Family Bonding

Saturday I ventured north to Haverhill to meet up with my parents and run the Foam Fest 5K! An entry to this race was a birthday gift from my parents and I was so excited that they were running it with me! If you can't tell, we went with a superhero theme :P I'm going to save a review of the race for my running blog (be sure to go check it out and follow if you haven't already!), but here are some of my favorite pictures to tide you over. ;)

(I took most of these photos with my iPhone which was in a waterproof armband, so forgive the quality!)

Before the race!

All foamy after our first slip n' slide.

Cargo net climb!

Walking through the mud.

Getting our finisher medals immediately after going through more foam and mud.
Hence the foam and mud all over the camera, haha :P

After photos - all clean! :D

Oh, and here's the video I made of the race and all its obstacles! :)

After the race, we headed up to a belated wedding reception for a friend of the family. Since we were in New Hampshire and it's July, there were obviously fireworks. Live Free or Die!

And to top off the weekend, we took a spin on the boat before I headed back down to MA. I've realized this summer how lucky I've been to spend the majority of my life living across the street from a lake. Since my apartment isn't conveniently near some sort of water (even Lasell had the Charles near by!), I've been missing it more than ever. It just doesn't feel like summer if you can't spend it by the water!

Hoping I can steal away one more weekend with the family before my life gets crazy!

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