Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mud, Sweat, and Bruised Bums: Superhero Scramble 2013!

Louie, Noble, Jeff, Brett and I ventured up to Amesbury on Saturday for the Superhero Scramble - my very first obstacle race! I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about this race. I've never done an obstacle race before, and this one was intimidating. Luckily I got through almost every obstacle (minus the monkey bar rings and the rope climb - I have noodle arms!) and finished with minimal damage (a few cuts and bruises, but nothing too unbearable!). I'd totally love to do another obstacle race again sometime soon - after a few months of recuperation! :P

"The Beast"... I was terrified of this obstacle!

New favorite photo of Louie and me!

Caught smoochin' XD

Noodle arms :'( haha

Noble and I before the race!

Cheesin' :)

Off we go!

Unfortunately most of the obstacles weren't accessible to the audience, so there aren't many photos of us conquering them all, but this race review has some awesome pics of every obstacle, and can give you some sort of idea of how intense it was!

Left clean, came back nice and muddy!

Note the look of pain on our faces. We had just come off of this slip n' slide, and tore up our butts pretty badly on all of gravel we hit. I have a nice big bruise on mine as a souvenir. You can see in that video that everyone is grabbing their butts in pain! Surprisingly, we with the torn up booties were the lucky ones. Quite a few people broke bones on this obstacle! :/

Time to conquer "The Beast"! 

Even after all those obstacles, I was still terrified. I don't have any upper body strength and that is a FAR drop. But when I got the obstacle, I was pleasantly surprise to see...

...Brett had volunteered to help out with the obstacle! They were short on volunteers due to a 3-hour race delay, so Brett got up on the wall and basically ran the whole obstacle! It was definitely a comfort having him on the obstacle I was most afraid of.

After several failed attempts of my own, Brett suggested that he pull the rope while I walk up the wall. I was nervous but I really wanted to get over the wall, so I would try anything! After what seems like an eternity of my arms burning, feet slipping, and a LOT of distance between me and the ground...

...I made it! I was so psyched! If it hadn't been for Brett I would have never gotten over that wall, so a major THANK YOU to him! 

We did it!

Louie also got over the wall, like a BAMF!

Since there weren't volunteers giving out medals, I decided to wait for Louie at the finish with his :)

Detail of the Finisher's medal

Brett was just as muddy as we were, and he didn't even run the race!

I was pretty surprised about how well I did! Even though obstacle racing is really just about finishing rather than time, it's pretty awesome that I placed ahead of over half of the participants (596/1286), ahead of many of the other women (221/677), and others in my age group (49/110)!

Before & after shots, of course!

A big THANK YOU to Noble, who took all of these wonderful photos!
Check out more of her awesome photography by clicking here!

For a full race review, check out my post over on Versus the Road!

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