Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Day at the Beach

Tuesday afternoon, after all of the summertime grown-up responsibilities were taken care of, Brett, Sport, Tywan, and I all piled into Dory and adventured to Hull for a day at the beach! I've been dying for some ocean time this summer, so I was beyond happy. We even invited Brett's older sister Melissa to meet us there, and she gladly took us up on the invitation, bringing along the kids!

It's been super hot out these past weeks (what do you expect - it's July) so the water was amazingly warm. The Atlantic Ocean in New England is typically unbearably cold, even in the summer, so we took full advantage of the amazing conditions and swam for the majority of the afternoon! (Between games of Monkey in the Middle and attempting to skim board, of course.)

I wish that getting to the beach wasn't such a hassle (It's about an hour through trafficky Massachusetts roads in every direction), but I can't deny that it's worth the trouble every time!

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  1. oh, there's nothing better than a day on the beach!