Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five {#1}

Friday Five 
Five things that mattered to me this week!

1. Spring weather is finally showing its face in New England! Saturday after I got out of work, Brett and I decided to go out back to the practice football field and play some lax and football for a couple hours. So excited for the weather to start warming up and to start spending more time outside.

2. The Badminton Club that I advise kicked off their doubles tournament last night and there were about 20 students there! Never thought I'd be advising a Badminton Club in my life, but helping the president's ideas come to fruition is great to see, and reminds me why I want to be in student affairs in the first place. Although the club is just starting out, I think that it's coming along great. I'm excited for next semester - we're going to try and put a travel team together and play against other colleges!

3. I've been drowning in applications and interviews this week, from both ends of the spectrum. I interviewed for a Study Abroad GA down at University of South Carolina yesterday morning, ResLife has been talking about hiring new staff the past couple weeks, and I've been working on my reapplication for my current position. I feel that every spring, especially in the Higher Ed field, is a time of uncertainty. I'm waiting on replies from jobs and graduate programs, and I'm not really sure where I'm going to be come the fall, but hopefully that will all fall into place in a few weeks.

4. Baseball is back! The Red Sox kicked off their 2013 season with a smack down on the Yankees (yessss!) and even though I'm still wrapped up with my first love (hockey), I'm looking forward to a summer filled with late night baseball marathons.

5. Speaking of marathons, I'm running my second half this Sunday - the Great Bay Half Marathon up in my home state of New Hampshire. Can't wait to race, see my puppies, show my friends around my home turf, and be home for the first time since Christmas!

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

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