Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sunshine and Some Direction

It's ridiculous(ly awesome) how nice it's been outside this week. I feel like those of us that live in areas that go through all four seasons of the year are the only ones that can truly understand the excitement of warmer weather and fresh air. After a long, cold winter, the mere action of opening the windows of my apartment fills me with so much happiness, it's almost absurd. Johnny Cupcakes once wrote something similar about winter in Boston over on his blog, and it's stuck with me ever since I read it...

"Winter makes us appreciate all of the other seasons that much more. All of New England is happy when the trees start to bloom, birds come out, beach days arise, leaves change colors, etc.. Whereas if you live in a warm state, the luxury rubs off quick. I remember visiting Florida and California and jumping up and down like a kid on a trampoline because I was so pumped on the weather. I look around and everyone is walking around like zombies… buzz-kill. It’s not their fault, they’re just not excited about it as they have it every day."

I welcome warm weather with open arms each year, even if I do get a little too excited about it. Tuesday I wore shorts all day long, even when I was out on duty at night time. A few of my coworkers looked at me like I was crazy, but it didn't make me second guess my wardrobe decision. Warm weather is kind of a rarity in New England, so when it comes around, I don't take a single second for granted. Give me all the sun you've got, mother nature!

Yesterday I received my acceptance letter into Bridgewater State University's Student Affairs Counseling program! I'm over the moon about finally getting this letter. I now know where I'm going to be come the fall. I know I'm going to be saving a lot more money than if I were to move down to South Carolina, and I know I'm going to get much more out of a counseling based program than an administration based program. I'm excited to get back to school and learn more about my field, and I'm happy to have some direction for my future!

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