Thursday, May 11, 2017

27 Moments in my 27th Year

Today's my birthday! :D I have to say that my 27th trip around the sun has been pretty fantastic. This year I've been able to kind of settle into adulthood and really take the time to figure out what's important to me. This is the first full year where I haven't been trying to find my place in life. I have a job that I'm pretty comfortable in now (first years are usually pretty crazy!), I live with my partner and teammate in life and while our living situation isn't what we'd call ideal, we at least get to spend every day together (and with our crazy schedules it's SUPER nice to have built in together time every day!), and I actually have time to do things that I want to do. Like run. And read. And waste time scrolling through my phone. The simple things in life.

Anyway, I put this post together to compile the moments I want to look back and remember when I think about being 26 years old. I had such a wonderful year being 26 and am looking forward to what 27 will bring me. So, without further adieu, here are 27 Moments in my 27th Year. Enjoy! <3

1. My 26th Birthday, celebrated with colleagues and Brett

Breakfast sandwich surprise in the morning, 
Cindy's ice cream after lunch, and Chinese food for dinner!

2. Ribfest with Brett, Erin, and Cullen

Even though I don't eat pig meat, we still had a blast sampling
beers and eating fair food!

3. Moving to the Farm with Brett

Bonus to living with your BFF? PUPPIES!

4. Seeing Weezer with Brett and Dancing in the Rain

Such an amazing show and experience with this guy!

5. Being really obsessed with Pokemon GO!

Remember how popular this was for like a month?
I still love it... (even though I haven't played it in MONTHS)

6. Marathon training with Danielle over the summer

First time I've had a training buddy and it was such a huge help!

7. Cape Trip 2016 & really sunburning my shins from being on the floaties all day

I wore leggings to the beach the next day because my shins hurt so much D:

8. Midnight Owl 15K with my parents

One of the coolest races I've run!

9. Patriots Pre-season game with my dad

Awesome dad time while melting in the August heat at Gillette!

10. Re-discovering my love of reading

It has honestly been like re-discovering a part of myself and I couldn't be happier!

10. Spending a blissfully quiet week taking care of the pups and participating in my first readathon at my parents' house

When my life gets particularly busy I dream about with week!

11. Fire drill at the Welcome Back Jam turning into an outdoor A Capella show on the green

Seriously one of the coolest moments in my professional career so far.
It was one of those reminders of why I chose to work with college students!

12. Finishing Marathon #4 - the Green Mountain Marathon

One of the toughest marathons I've run so far (due to leg cramps for 10+
miles) but it was so good to have friends cheering for me at the finish!

13. Returning back to NACA for the first time since grad school with The Network

It was so fun to introduce a new group of students to NACA and to see
some former colleagues and students at the conference!

14. Advising two amazing class boards, 2018 & 2019

I LOVED advising the 2019 sophomores and 2018 juniors this year! So happy I
get to continue advising these class years, but I'm going to miss
these two groups of students so much! Sphinx & Pegasus love<3
(Things to remember: referencing memes, quoting Shrek, pre-meeting Sphinx
riddles, and passionate conversations about Game of Thrones)

15. Celebrating our 4th year together

So happy to be on this wild ride of life with my best friend :)

16. Running not one but TWO Christmas themed 5Ks with my parents

The Hot Chocolate Run in Northampton (Vlog) and the Ugly Sweater Run in Boston (Vlog & Race Review)!

17. New Year's Eve at Tim's house with Brett and Danielle

Loved spending a low key evening ringing in 2017 with some of my favorite people. <3

18. The Patriots' EPIC comeback in Superbowl LI

I STILL can't believe they pulled it off! What an amazing game!

19. Seeing Tove Lo with Shannon at the House of Blues in Boston

Shannon invited me on a whim and although tI didn't know much of 
Tove Lo's music, I had a blast!

20. Creating the BorrowAThon

Creating the readathon really solidified how much I love the online reading community!
Photo from Round 2, hosted in March 2017

21. Completing the Golden Shamrock Challenge

This was a fun running challenge that fell directly in the middle of my training
for Pittsburgh and I had a great running weekend!

22. Seeing the New Found Glory 20 Years of Pop Punk tour in Boston with Brett

The fact that my all time favorite band is still touring and releasing new music
20 years later makes me SO HAPPY!

23. Winning the "Most Likely to be Mistaken as a Student" award from Mount Holyoke's Student Government Association :P

This was such a funny and sweet gesture! I love that the students thought
of me and wanted to include me in their annual superlatives. It really made 
me feel part of the MHC community!

24. Meeting Elizabeth Warren when she spoke at MHC

SO AMAZING to get the opportunity to see Senator Warren speak, to work this
amazing event, and to get to shake her hand! Badass ladies rule! :)

25. Enduring one of the roughest Aprils of my career thus far, but ending it with an amazingly beautiful Pangy Day

For whatever reason, this April was really tough to get through, but Pangy Day was beautiful, ran so smoothly, and it was just a great cherry on top of the end of the semester. I'm very happy with how the final event of the year went! :)

26. Traveling to Pittsburgh and reuniting with Erin & Cullen

It was so good to see my pals again and to travel to a new city! 
More photos to come...

27. Running and Finishing the Pittsburgh Marathon!

Hooray for an amazing race, city, and completing Marathon #5!
Race review and vlog to come...

Cheers to another wonderful year! I'm sure 27 will be amazing and I cannot wait to see what it brings! :)

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