Friday, January 20, 2017

#DiverseAThon Round 2 TBR!

It's finally time for the second round of the #DiverseAThon! This is a great readathon that promotes diverse voices and stories which is something I'm all about getting behind! I am very excited for each one of my picks for this round. I tried really hard to choose books that represent a variety of topics and I managed to pick titles that involve race, gender, sexuality, religion, and mental health. I am very happy that I will be learning from these many areas and focusing on diverse voices throughout the week! Here's what I've picked:

Japanese by Spring by Ishmael Reed
Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

If you'd like to hear more about these books and my thought process behind each pick, make sure you watch my TBR video below. I hope you all will consider joining me and the many amazing participants of this readathon over the next week and challenge yourself to learn from the many diverse voices that we have in this world. Happy reading!

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