Friday, May 8, 2015

Channeling My Inner-Ariel: Roatán (Vacation 2015 - Part 5)

We arrived in Roatán, Honduras on Thursday morning and were greeted with some bad news from back home. Our poor pup Mikey had been rushed to the Animal Hospital the night before and was in need of an emergency splenectomy. Grief of this news and the struggle to make outgoing calls in a foreign country made for an extremely stressful start to the day, but Mikey wound up getting through the surgery just fine and making a full recovery. Unfortunately my dad had to stay back from our excursion on this day so he could deal with the whole situation, but we were (and still are!) very happy that Mikey wound up being okay.

Roatán was probably the most beautiful port that we stopped in (in my opinion). I took so many pictures of the water and the landscape around us! I took the opportunity to take in the scenery and went on a short run on the top-deck running track to get a 360 degree view. After running and yoga-ing, I ate some breakfast and we ventured into the port to do a bit of shopping before our excursion.

Our excursion on this day was a catamaran trip to a local reef where we snorkeled for about an hour. We saw so many awesome fish and sea creatures, and we even saw a sea turtle! One of the guides said that he also saw a reef shark, but he didn't call it to anyone's attention until after it swam away. Probably for the best - I'm sure a lot of people would have panicked! It was a beautiful day (I got fried by the sun), and they fed us an awesome lunch after we got back in from snorkeling. Make sure to check out the vlog for all of the snorkeling footage. It really doesn't do the reef justice, but you'll at least get a small idea of what it was like!

We returned to the ship fairly early and decided to take advantage of our unscheduled time before dinner to relax and read on the pool deck (which, of course, is the best part of any vacation!). We closed out the evening attending Norwegian's White Hot Party, which is the signature dance party every Norwegian cruise throws. Everyone is decked out in all white, there's signature white drinks, and even the Cruise Director was walking around with angel wings on! It was really a cool sight and a wonderful way to end an awesome day.

Don't forget to check out the vlog of our day below, and stay tuned for the next post where I talk about our stay in Costa Maya, Mexico! (We're coming to the end of these posts... yikes!)

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