Friday, April 24, 2015

Elvis' #1 Fun Team!: Belize City (Vacation 2015 - Part 4)

We pulled into Belize early Wednesday morning. Belize City does not have a port large enough to accommodate a cruise ship, so you have to take an additional boat (called a tender boat) from the ship to the port. It was so crazy to be switching boats in the middle of the ocean - I made sure to clutch extra tight to my things so I didn't drop them into the water! We all crammed into the tender boat (it was literally packed to the brim!) and made our way into port. My dad and I decided to entertain ourselves by sticking the GoPro out the window with the selfie stick which made a few people around us chuckle.

Pretty much as soon as we got into port we were shuffled onto our bus for our excursion. We had an awesome tour guide - Elvis - who taught us all about Belize culture and history on our hour journey into the jungle. He showed us tons of photos and even passed around a pile of Belize currency! He kept us entertained the entire way and I managed to capture some of his awesome tour-guiding in the vlog so make sure you check it out!

Our excursion in Belize was venturing into the rain forest to go zip-lining and cave tubing! I love to do adventurous outdoorsy stuff like that so needless to say, I was pumped. Before we arrived at the park, Elvis had everyone in our group come up with a call-and-return for when he needed to assemble the group (Something that instantly brought me back to my Girl Scout camp days. I guess some camp things are universal, haha!). Whenever he called "Elvis' #1 Fun Team!" (our decided group name :D) we all yelled back "Hell yeah!" because, according to him, the noisy people are always the ones that have the most fun! ;)

We arrived just in time for some lunch before taking on the zip-line. I'd only been zip-lining once before at a ski resort, but I've always wanted to do a tree-top zip-line. I was so stoked! Unfortunately there weren't a TON of lines to fly down and it was over in about 15 minutes, but it was fun none the less! I took some awesome GoPro footage as well (as you can see from it being strapped to my head in the photos below XD) which you can find in the vlog.

Up next was cave tubing in the Crystal Cave. SO. COOL. We were floating down a small river in the cave (the water was described as "shockingly refreshing" haha) for a while while our guide told us all about the different rock formations we were seeing and some of the history behind the Mayan uses of caves. We capped off the adventure with a swim in a lagoon at the end of the cave which was so awesome! I did take some footage of the cave as well, but unfortunately it was so dark in there that not too much of it came through on video, but we did get a couple cool photos and videos of us entering and exiting the cave, so at least there's that! :)

As we were getting ready to leace the park we saw a huge family of these raccoon-looking animals called Coatimundis. They were so cute, especially the little babies! Apparently, like raccoons, they're not too friendly, but it was cool to see them up close! We had such a blast on this excursion, and it's a pretty good contender for being my favorite one of the trip. I know I'll want to do more things like this on any future trips I might take! :)

The company that hosted the excursion was named Chukka, which means "play time"! :)

On our long journey back to the city, Elvis quizzed us on our new Belize knowledge and gave out souvenirs for everyone! I got a fun illustrated Belize map that I'll probably end up framing and hanging somewhere cool, like my future apartment or office. We got back to the city without much time to spare to get back to the ship, so we hopped on a tender boat and headed back.

We had a pretty relaxing evening when we got back. We all got smoothies and watched the sun set over dinner, hot-tubbed for a bit, and my parents and I checked out some of the night life on the boat which included a game show and some Latin dancing lessons! There was always so much to do on the ship and we really embraced it on this night. So much fun!

Remember to check out the vlog below. This day was so much fun and I really enjoyed reliving it through writing this post and editing this vlog! I'll definitely be back at some point next week to fill you in about our next stop - Roatan! :)

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