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As mentioned in my last post, Brittany and I did an entire photo shoot around the BSU campus on graduation day to comemorate the end of our grad school experience! We had an indoor evening ceremony which doesn't allow for too much photo opportunities aside from when we walk across the stage, and since Brittany and I had such a wonderful experience at BSU, we wanted to take some time before the ceremony to grab some shots of a few of out favorite spots! This post will, of course, be photo heavy, so click "Read more" to see all of them, and for a bonus surprise at the very end! :)

(Every time I saw "Degree Candidates Assemble" I wanted to channel my inner Ron Burgundy...)

Stop 1: The Boyden Quad

Of course, when you graduate from any institution, you have to take photos in front of the big, beautiful, iconic administrative building on campus. For Bridgewater, it's Boyden Hall, and around graduation time it's decked out in each college's banner, as well as a banner for the class that is graduating. Unfortunately, the huge tent for the undergraduate commencement was already up on the grass so we couldn't get any shots of the whole building, but we still got some of all of the steps and some other key spots around the quad!

Of course had to get a photo with my college banner!

Obviously had to bust out the selfie stick!

Stop 2: The Rondileau Campus Center

The RCC was essentially Brittany and I's home away from home these past two years. I worked in this building, spent time with students in this building, worked countless events and advised countless meetings in this building... I spent more waking time in this building than any other location during my grad career, and it was such a positive experience that we had to get a few shots in front of it!

Stop 3: The Tinsley Center Bear

In front of the athletic complex at Bridgewater is an awesome iron bear that I've seen so many students take photos with. After a quick stop at Mary Lou's (and temporarily ditching our regalia), we headed to the opposite side of campus to snap a few ourselves and really cement our time as Bridgewater Bears.

Stop 4: The Ceremony! (RCC Auditorium)

It was awesome to graduate in a building that I knew so well! However, the lighting in the auditorium isn't so great for photos so there weren't a ton of stellar ones to choose from. My dad DID get these ones, though, and I think they came out great!

Getting hooded! :) Officially a Master of Education!

Stop 5: Office of Student Involvement and Leadership

Of course, it wouldn't be a complete photo shoot without taking our post-commencement photos in the place that really shaped me as a grad and a professional - OSIL. Lucky for us, it was right down the hall from the ceremony so we told our families to meet us there, and our director met us there as well to send us off on our way! Honestly, OSIL was the beaming light of positivity in this start to my professional journey, and I am so happy I could spend my final moments as a grad/first moments as a professional in this office! :)

Helping Brit out with her tassel, haha!

Of course had to get a graduation photo with Dr. Cindy Kane herself! :)

And there you have it! My graduation in photos. It was a crazy, exhaustingly awesome day and I'm so happy to have spent it with Brett, my family, my GA partner in crime, and the staff and faculty members who have all helped me successfully complete my Master's Degree. I'm so lucky!

SURPRISE! I vlogged on graduation day (I mean, obviously, right?), so make sure you check out the video of the day and the ceremony below! :)

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