Friday, April 3, 2015

Biceps and Birthdays: At Sea (Vacation 2015, Part 2)

I could not get over the color of the ocean!

I woke up early Monday morning in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. My family was asleep so I thought I would capitalize on the opportunity for quiet and took my book up to eat some breakfast at the buffet. It was really cool to be completely surrounded by water and to enjoy my favorite meal of the day as the sun rose. Eventually my mom found me and I joined the rest of my family for breakfast.

Though it was a bit cloudy in the morning, the sun eventually burned everything away and we could really feel the temperature outside keep climbing! I took full advantage of the beautiful weather and read on a lounge chair while servers brought around drinks and fresh fruit skewers. It was exactly what I needed after killing myself to get ahead in all of my coursework!

In the pool area the cruise director staff put on a bunch of contests throughout the week. This day they had a "Miss Biceps" contest which was both hilarious and ridiculous. Check out the vlog to see what it was all about.

Later in the evening after a little bit of a pool workout with my mom, the four of us went out to dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday! We went to a Brazilian restaurant where they brought around different kinds of meats on huge skewers and you could have as much or as little as you wanted! I tend to not do well in these types of restaurants because I'm a really slow eater, and when food keeps coming I get full REALLY fast, but everything was so delicious and we all had our fill (and then some!). The meal ended with the staff bringing out a cake and singing Happy Birthday to my dad!

After our meal, we stopped by the coffee bar for a little pick me up and watched the atrium performers sing a few songs before heading to that evening's show. The show was called "Band on the Run", a variety show full of singing and dancing to 70's tunes. It was really great! We returned to our rooms afterwards and found the best surprise ever - A TOWEL ELEPHANT. *heart eyes emoji*

We were all still a bit beat from the weekend of travel so we went to bed early so we could wake up and enjoy our first destination to its fullest! But you'll have to wait 'til my next post to find out where that is... ;) Check out the vlog below to see our first full day on the ship!

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