Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Erika and Nick got Hitched!

Over the weekend Noble, Brett, Jeff, and I took a trip up to Maine to see my lacrosse teammate Erika get married! She's the first of the lacrosse girls to get married, so we were all very excited to be there on her special day. After cutting it as close as we possibly could (thanks to tons of traffic on 95! Grr...), we made it to her adorable backyard wedding in time to grab drinks and watch her quick little ceremony. It was so great to see her so happy, to reunite with old teammates, and to act as ridiculous as we did back in college. I missed it!

Her dress was so adorable! And I loved the anchor detailing on her bouquet. <3

 First dance! <3
Of course we had to get a photo of all of the lacrosse girls!

With the lovely bride!
Erika was shocked at how tall I was (this was without my heels!). The last time she saw me I was just a baby freshman!

Lasell lacrosse 2009, reunited!

Jeff & Brett were our designated photographers for the evening, haha

Adorable cake :)

Their guestbook!

Wonderful friends! :)

Had to take a few couple-y pics :P

Andrea kept insisting that we throw it back to our college days and shotgun a beer in honor of the newlyweds. So we did. (And even got the bride to join us! :D)

Noble and I were a little nervous.

The groom got pushed in the pool!

...then asked the other guys to join in!


It was definitely one of the most laid back weddings I've ever been to (and will probably ever go to). As you can probably tell from the photos, we had such a blast! That always seems to be the case when I'm when that group of girls, though. ;)

Congrats, Erika & Nick!

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