Monday, June 10, 2013

New Apartment Tour!

As mentioned in my previous post, Brett and I have recently moved into a new apartment! We're absolutely in love with the new place. It's so much bigger than my last apartment and it feels great to have the extra space! We're very lucky to have a place this awesome at our ages, and I really want to share it with you all! :)

When you first walk through the door, you'll come into the living room. We wanted it to feel as open as possible, as the living room in my old apartment was pretty cramped. It's great for having people over, which will probably happen a lot more often now that we have the space!

To the right of the living room is the office. With grad school coming up, I knew I needed a desk and my own little space to study and get work done, and we were lucky enough to have an extra room for just that! I still need to add some shelves and organize-y things, but I'm loving this room!

This bathroom is much nicer than the one in my previous apartment. There must have been a previous RD that put a lot of work into making it look the way it does! There's vanity lighting, a finished sink, and even a little storage space! Super nice.

The kitchen, I would say, is the only real downgrade from my last place. The oven is a lot older and smaller, the fridge is a bit smaller, and the cabinets are shallow, hard to store things in, and really high up, so I can barely reach anything. I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually, though!

The bedroom is so big, I don't even know what to do with myself! If you can't tell, I'm currently using a chair as a night stand, but hopefully that will change sometime soon. I also need to do a bit of decorating for the walls. All white walls are definitely not my thing! But again, it's great to have a bit of extra room to move around. 

The bedroom also has my favorite part of the whole apartment...

A WALK-IN CLOSET. Every girl's dream! I've never had a walk-in closet before, and I gotta tell ya... Now that I have one, I don't think I could ever go back to not having one. (That is, if I have any say in the situation. #RDlife!) My clothes are much more organized, I set up a little vanity area for myself, and it's overall just easier clutter control. When all of my clothes are smushed together I just try to ignore it and keep all of the clothes that I have. But since I've had the awesome luck of landing a walk-in closet, I've thinned out a good portion of clothes that I haven't worn for years. Yay, organizing!

I'm absolutely in love with our new place! I keep telling myself not to get used to it, as I probably won't get the chance to live in a place this big for a while, but it's really hard not to! ;)

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