Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jersey Comes to Dean!

My wonderful friends Noble and Jeff came up from New Jersey last weekend for a visit! Since we live a few hours apart and conflicting schedules, we don't really get to see each other often, but we always have a blast every time we get together!

They got up late Friday night, thanks to traffic and a tropical storm just casually intruding on the northeast. They made it in time to see the end of the Bruins game (just sweeping the Pens, nbd) and to enjoy the delish lasagna my mom made and brought down to me on Thursday! We stayed up 'til 1AM catching up and testing out this board game Brett and I made up called Wager Rager (but I'll save that for another post!).

Saturday was full of car rides to NH, giving my parents and impromptu visit due to a wonderful 3-hour race delay, Superhero Scramble-ing, and having a party to celebrate our reunion! (I mean... it's tradition at this point. One of us visits the other, the host throws a giant party. Seems legit.)

Brett and I brought them to Rick's (a little diner in town) for some post-party breakfast. We unexpectedly shared the restaurant with the New England Patriots' Nate Solder, who I swear to you is part giant, and could barely fit in the booth he was sitting in. I would have snapped a pic, but I felt rude - the guy was probably just trying to enjoy his Sunday without any cameras in his face!

After breakfast I took Noble to The Cake Bar, this little bakery down the street from campus. I've walked and ran by that place a million times, but I've never gone in. What better time to check it out than with a girlfriend?

The inside was cuter than I imagined! There were rows and rows of colorful cupcakes, displays of their gorgeous cakes, and tons of window seating. I would totally love to spend an afternoon studying there with a cupcake and a coffee! Noble and I decided to split a "Sticky Toffee" cupcake, which was vanilla, white chocolate, and caramel. Uhhhh-mayyy-zinggg.

Unfortunately, they had to venture back to NJ after our cupcake date, but luckily we already have a pre-arranged date for later on this summer - our friend Erika's wedding! I can't wait to see them again! :)

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