Saturday, May 11, 2013

22 Favorite Things About Being 22

It's after midnight, which officially makes it my 23rd Birthday! I have to say that 22 has been one of my favorite years so far. Like any year, I've had my ups and downs, but the good has absolutely outweighed the bad. Here are 22 of my favorite moments of being 22!

1. Had an awesome 22nd birthday! Went out to lunch with some of my friends, and got to go on the senior Boston Harbor cruise with an open bar!

2. Graduated from Lasell with my BA!

3. Got to meet my favorite band of all time NEW FOUND GLORY at Warped Tour!

4. Louie showed me how awesome going to Revs games is!
5. Running the Color Me Rad 5K!

6. Went to my first electronic music festival, ID Fest!

Had so much fun jumping around and dancing that I wound up smashing my leg
into one of the amphitheater seats, which resulted in this beautiful bruise. :P
7. After months of applications, cover letters, and nerve wracking interviews, I finally landed my first post-grad job at Dean College!

8. Going to Toby Keith's with Nick and Louie and watching the Polo Bros, Maverick and "Deuce", dance around like fools.

9. Traveled to Las Vegas! Such a fun city. Can't wait to go back one day!

10. Became really close friends with Rob. Seriously don't know what I'd do without him over this past year!

11. Margarita Mondays! ...that only lasted like 3 weeks, before Rob and I remembered that alcohol is expensive and we're poor.

12. Being Robin Sparkles for Halloween and having How I Met Your Mother Halloween with Louie and Nick! Highlights include Douchey Bane and "Do you guys play hockey?"

13. Dancing with the Staff! Had such a blast dancing and getting closer with one of the CAs I work with. Totally want to participate again next year!

14. Celebrating the last day of the fall semester with Rob! That whole night from 6pm - 6am was just pure fun!

15. Meeting one of the coolest, nicest, funnest, and most hilarious guys that I've ever met, and somehow tricking him into dating me ;)

16. Having one of the funnest New Year's I've ever had with just a few friends at home. We're really good at keeping ourselves entertained in a completely empty ResHall! :P

17. Patriot's playoff parties with Brett's friends! Including: Meat Soup, Icing everyone, and the greatest drinking game ever created!

18. Running my first half marathon! Since completing Hyannis, I've been so driven to reach my goal of finishing a full marathon, and my training has been taken to a whole new level. All it took was a little push!

19. Going on an epic road trip to South Carolina with Rob! Saw so many cool places I've never seen before, and spent it all with an awesome friend.

20. Having the opportunity to coach the Dean Women's Lacrosse team. So happy that I didn't have to say goodbye to the game completely after graduating from the team, and that I got to meet and work with so many lovely young ladies!

21. Getting into not one, but all three grad schools that I applied to! (Northestern, U of SC, and BSU) I'm very proud of the fact that I'm doing something to help my future and chasing my goal of working full time at a university!

22. Knowing that I have a group of lovely people that will always be there for me no matter what, and will be spending my birthday with me! Have a seriously awesome get together planned for tonight, and I can not wait to spend it with some great friends. :)

Can't wait to see what 23 has in store for me!

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