Friday, March 17, 2017

Traveler's Notebook Set Up! | FoxyFix Wanderlust - March 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I'm celebrating the weekend by showing off my traveler's notebook! I was itching for a book that had multiple purposes yet also felt like a no-pressure space to put everything in my brain down onto paper. I think I've accomplished that with this set up! I'm still using my bullet journal for my planner as it's a system that's really working for me at the moment, but I'm really excited to have an "etc" type of space that's just for me. Click play on the video to see what's inside, and keep reading to find out where I got all of my TN goodies!

FoxyFix Wanderlust (2015 edition)
Color: Espresso with Mint elastics and white stitching
Size: No. 6 & Wide width

Blue file folder - made by me
Brain dump insert & Journal insert - Growing Up Goddess
Fitness insert - Yellow Paper House on Etsy
Sketchbook insert - made by me
Craft paper insert - Yellow Paper House insert cover
Sticker envelope - gifted from a friend, Paperchase @ Staples

Jiggly Puff - Little Miss Daisy Rose on Etsy
Luke's Diner Mug - Little Miss Daisy Rose on Etsy
Purple ribbon - made by me
Mike Wizowski - HelloPaperCat
Pink Donut - gift from a friend
Dog - Staples

Ron Weasley - Lisa Lorene Plans on Etsy
Dumbbell - Lemon Paper Co on Etsy
Fox - Michaels
Cake Dealer - Johnny Cupcakes
Tart - Happie Scrappie
Owl - Michaels
Large Donut - gift
Small Donut - Planner Mania on Etsy

Pink dots - Target dollar spot
Green gradient - Target dollar spot

Pineapple - Happie Scrappie
Lollipop - Happie Scrappie

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