Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2016 Goals

Happy November! We're quickly heading into the holiday season which is so crazy and I'm actually pretty excited for it this year! Of course it will be crazy and busy but I think it will be a lot of fun this year so I am definitely looking forward to it! I mean, what's not to love? Family and friends, new Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls, delicious food, amazing sales... It's going to be awesome. I have a quite a few goals for the month of November so let's jump right in!

1. Exercise 3x per week

After my marathon I EMBRACED THE LAZINESS and basically didn't move my body at all for three straight weeks. It's time to get my booty back in gear! I would like to exercise at least three times a week this month and the exercise can be anything - lifting, biking, running, yoga, etc. I don't think that is totally doable. Time to not be a lazy person anymore!

2. Get all TBR books read

I have quite a few titles on my TBR list for November and I'm hoping to get to them all this month! I have scheduled everything out on my Google Calendar and it's looking like if I give myself about 3 days for each title (save for the graphic novels which I can usually get through in one or two sittings) I can get through all of them! You can find my TBR on my blog here!

3. Register for all winter running events

I have a couple of running events that I want to take part in this winter - I want to attempt the Winter Wonder Miles, 200 mile challenge hosted by Will Run for Bling and my Mom wants to run the Hot Chocolate Run for her birthday (which I guess is technically fall but we'll pretend it's winter) so I will be joining her for that! I want to get all registered for these this monnth so I will be ready to go for the Winter!

4. Have a great #BorrowAThon

The first readathon I'm ever hosting, the #BorrowAThon, is this month and I am so nervous and excited about it! I hope everything goes well, those that are participating have a good time, and I accomplish reading a lot of borrowed books! Check out the BorrowAThon Twitter for more details if you're interested in finding out more! All updates will be posted to the Twitter page!

5. No book buying until Black Friday

I'm going to try my darnedest to hold back from book buying until Black Friday this month when there are crazy sales EVERYWHERE. I'm planning to spend November 25th by buying books and watching the Gilmore Girls revival and eating Thanksgiving leftovers. It's going to be amazing.

What are your goals for this month?
Click "Read More" for an update on how my October goals went!

No book buying (Not completed) - I was doing so well until the last weekend of the month and then I totally bough a huge amount of classics that were on sale on BookOutlet... woops. I'll be doing a haul to show them off in November so you can see! I'm banning myself again until

Finish the Green Mountain Marathon (DONE) I did manage to finish my fourth ever marathon in October! Check out my Race Review and Vlog for more details on how it went!

Read 6 books (DONE) - I actually managed to read 11 books in the month of October! Be sure to check out my October wrap up video and Instagram post for more details on what I managed to finish throughout the month!

Participate in Inktober (DONE) - While I didn't draw every day, I did participate in quite a bit of Inktober! I had a lot of fun when I made time to draw and was able to create a few drawings that I was really proud of and practice some things that I wanted to work on. Check out my Instagram to see my posts!

Participate in SpookAThon and BookBuddyAThon (DONE) - I participated in both of these readathons and had a wonderful time! Check out my SpookAThon vlog and BookBuddyAThon vlog to see how each readathon went for me!

Prepare and officially announce #BorrowAThon (DONE) - So excited about #BorrowAThon! Check out the announcement video, Twitter page, and schedule for more details!

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