Thursday, November 10, 2016

#BorrowAThon Day 4 Schedule

*wooaaahhhh* LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!!! I can't believe that after today we'll already going to be half way through the readathon! I hope everyone is trucking right along and feeling good! And most importantly, having so much fun reading their borrowed books!

Throughout the week I will be posting one of these schedule blog posts a day so you will know what will be going on each day. These posts will be going live at 1AM EST*, but if you want to know the overview of the week ahead of time, check out the #BorrowAThon schedule blog post. These daily schedules will have more detail and direction for each of the activities but you can pretty much gather enough information in order to get an idea solely based on the original schedule.

Social Media Challenge: Mid-Week Update Challenge!

As we come to the official half way mark of the readathon, it's time to check in and share where you are currently standing in your progress! On the social media platform of your choice, answer the following questions and update us all using the hashtag #BorrowAThon!

1. What is one part of the books you've read so far this week that has really stood out? (Favorite book? Character? Scene?)
2. Have you stuck to your original TBR so far this week or have you found something new that you wanted to read?
3. What are your goals for the rest of the readathon? (Page count? Book count? Just want to have fun?)

Make sure you're following @BorrowAThon on Twitter for continuous updates and post along with the hashtag #BorrowAThon!

*All Twitter chats and daily schedule posts are scheduled in EST as that is the time zone the host lives in. Make sure you're looking into the time zone difference for your area so you do not miss out on the fun of the chats! You can find a time zone converter here to help you figure out the difference.

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