Friday, September 9, 2016

Vlog: #RYBSAT Round #9!

Hello everyone! This week on my channel I'm posting my #RYBSAT vlog & wrap up! RYBSAT was a wonderful readathon filled with wonderfully supportive people who cheered on your reading literally day in and day out. I would put my phone down for an hour at work and I would pick it back up to TONS of Tweets from the RYBSAT crew and it was amazing. I totally recommend joining in when Round #10 comes about!

I also want to take the time to note that I realize that a lot of my posts lately have all been on the topic of reading. I've been really enjoying my time participating in the reading community online and while I want to apologize for this sudden change in posting topics, I'm not going to. This has been a lot of fun! :P However, I don't want my blog to be *just* about my reading and books, so no worries - I still plan on posting about other things! It's just been a bit book heavy as of late because I am on an awesome reading kick and I do not want it to stop. I do have a few posts about running and planning coming up over the next few weeks so be on the lookout for that! <3 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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