Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Current Planner Favorites

It's been a bit since I've posted a planner blog post. Most of my planner updates have lived exclusively on my YouTube channel and I've honestly have kind of forgotten to dedicate a blog post to this hobby of mine! I thought I'd share a quick update of a few of my current planner favorites with you all and give you a quick peak into what my current planning set up is like!

Current Favorite...

...Planner (Filofax Original in Flouro Pink)

I bought myself the Flouro Pink Original for Christmas and I finally moved into it in March. I've been LOVING it ever since I moved it. I don't know - there's definitely something about the Original that is just so simple and perfect for what I need. There aren't too many pockets tempting me to overload it with decorations, the solid color and smooth cover has a kind of no-muss-no-fuss feel to it which is so needed in my crazy life, and it is made so well. I'm a big fan and I don't see me moving out any time soon.

...Planner Size (A5)

I'm still very much an A5 girl. I really wish I was partial to another size because A5s do get a bit cumbersome to carry around, but everything else feels so cramped. I have this beautiful black Kate Spade Wellesley that I'm dying to use but I don't want to make it into my everyday planner because I know it will just be too small. A5s give me a enough room to write, make spreads that are easy to glance down at while at my work desk, and to carry around documents (letters, bills, forms, etc) as needed. The personal size doesn't allow that. Perhaps someday I'll move back into a smaller size but for now I'm still loving the A5 size!

...Pen (Black Pilot G2 .5)

I've gotten a bit more simple with the pen I tend to reach for when I'm planning. While I'm still color coding with .7s, the Pilot G2 .5s in black are what I'm using to create layouts, make changes, and to take notes throughout my planner. I'm loving keeping things a bit more simple these days!

...Paper (Dot Grid)

Dot grid paper is HUGE in the Bullet Journal community and I'm a recent big fan of it. I have always loved grid paper, but the subtlety of the dots make line creation much easier and allows you to create a much more simple and clean look to your layouts! I've found this website which allows you to create your own dot grid paper (and other paper formats!) and print it for free. Definitely check it out if you're planning on a budget like me!

...Planning Style (Bullet Journaling/DIY)

I love the freedom that both a binder/ring bound planning system and the bullet journal system gives your planning style, so I decided to combine them! This style of planning has been fantastic for me because I can literally change EVERYTHING at any moment. Granted, you do have to be fairly confident with your artistic abilities and I wouldn't recommend this approach to anyone who might consider themselves an absolute perfectionist who can't look past mistakes because - trust me - you will make mistakes. However if you think this is something you'd be interested in trying out, see my planner update video above and check out my other plan with me videos on my YouTube channel to see my updates each month.

...Layout (Monthly)

While I can never *solely* use a monthly spread, monthlies are pages I just can't plan without. They're what allow me to future plan and look back and see what I have accomplished. I love planning bigger projects out on a monthly spread as it keeps me motivated throughout the entire month, and as the month comes to a close I can feel good about what items I've checked off the list. I don't think I could plan without a full month spread!

...Thing to Track

I've actually been adopting the habit tracker (something typically found in the bullet journal community) lately! It's fun to sit down and see how much time I'm taking to do the things I actually WANT to do. If I'm not doing yoga or making art all that often (both things I want to make time for in my life!), it will show me on the habit tracker and I'll make an effort to make time for it. It's a really cool way to keep yourself accountable for not only the things you *have* to do, but also the things you *want* to do as well.

What are your current planner favorites?

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