Friday, July 22, 2016

Vlog: WE FOUND A BODY ...of water {July 11-17, 2016}

Hey everyone! So I'm trying something new... I will be changing my YouTube upload schedule from Mondays and Wednesdays to uploading on Fridays only with the occasional bonus video whenever I feel like I can fit one in! I'm also going to start sharing my videos here on the blog each week! I have been trying to keep the sidebar updated with my latest videos, but why not put them in a post for you all? So in addition to my usual Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule, you will get a video on Friday as well! Woohoo!

This week I'm sharing a vlog! Brett and I take the pups on a hot summer walk, play a bit of Pokemon GO, and get some ice cream to cool off. I also take a trip up to NH for the Midnight Owl 15K (see my review here), which you can see some clips GoPro clips of in this video. I hope you enjoy! :)

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