Friday, April 15, 2016

Etsy Wishlist {April 2016}

Earlier this year I came up with an Etsy Wishlist and I had so much fun that I thought I'd do it again! Perusing the suggested items list on Etsy can be so much fun and I'm CONSTANTLY adding new items to my favorite items list and the recommended items that show up on my account always seem to be exactly something that I would want to buy. (Etsy's algorithms are apparently doing a great job. :P) Anyway, without further adieu, here are the items I'm eyeing on Etsy lately!

It's one of those unspoken things in the planner community - Yellow Paper House sort of rules the planner paper supply game. They have literally any color, size, and design you want no matter what style of planner you want! I recently shifted over to a hand-drawn system in my planner instead of relying on a pre-printed system, so that means I'm going to be needing some extra paper! I'm happy a shop like Yellow Paper House exists for the #plannergirls like me.

Though I know that this style is definitely not new, I've been seeing these phone cases pop up more and more and I LOVE THEM. They are so adorable and unique and there are so many different designs you can find! I would love to get my hands on one of these (and then cross my fingers I don't drop my phone) to add a bit of kawaii into my life! :) 

I believe this was recommended to me when I favorited a Game of Thrones mug, but how fun is it to have a scented candle that is inspired by one of your favorite things? There are actually quite a few shops that have Game of Thrones inspired candles with scents from the different cities of Westeros, but I really liked the idea of The North relating to a scent of pine and winter mint - totally makes sense in my mind - and the packaging is wonderful. I would love to have a few of these making my apartment smell like Winterfell!

As I was skimming Etsy for some new planner stickers, I came across these which I think are genius. They're little boxes that you can stick into your planner and color throughout the day while your in meetings, need a break from your computer screen, etc. and I'm totally on board! It's always good to have some sort of distracted when you need a quick break during the day and these are such a wodnerful idea. Kudos to Crafted by Corley for coming up with this!

What have you found on Etsy lately?

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