Friday, April 1, 2016

Providence Marathon Training Update #3

One month away until the Providence Marathon.

While it still isn't perfect, training has been progressing in a positive direction. Training for a spring marathon is clearly much more difficult to accomplish than a fall marathon, what with the limited daylight hours, and the higher motivation to stay cozy and warm inside when the frigid wind whips right through you. However, with the temperature rising and the sun staying out much longer, I'm able to hit my runs more frequently and I'm feeling a bit more encouraged.

I have run into a different roadblock, though, and this one is financial. Over the past months that the Providence Marathon has been on my mind, I've still yet to scrounge up the money to register for the race. I keep finding that I have to wait until the next paycheck comes around, but once that paycheck comes around I have to tell myself the same thing. This season has been rough on my wallet and I just haven't had the spare $100 to register, and I worry that I won't be able to. I am still hopeful that my next check will yield an official registration for May 1st, but I can never really be sure until it deposits in my account.

In the mean time I'm still planning to train like I will definitely be crossing the starting line in Providence, but right now I'm full of uncertainty as to if it will actually happen. Fingers crossed for checking off marathon #4 this spring!

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