Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Style Dreams

Spring is finally here everyone! (Even though we just got a snowstorm yesterday.... #NewEngland) I'm excited to finally wear springy clothes, shed a few layers of coats, and finally not have to wear heavy socks and clunky boots everywhere (anyone who knows me at all knows that I prefer to be barefoot, but if I have to wear shoes I'm a sockless-with-slip-ons kinda gal). Something that I believe I've only done once before on this blog, I thought I'd put together a style dream board for spring. Because, why not? Enjoy!

Maxi Dresses - I've only just recently (i.e. last spring/summer) gotten on board the maxi dress train and I honestly don't understand why i didn't hop on sooner. Maxi dresses are comfortable AF - it's basically like you're wearing a form-fitting blanket around under the disguise of it being formal or dressy. Now that the ground is drying up, it's officially safe to start wearing maxis around once again and I am super pumped! I'm hoping to grow my collection a bit over the warmer months this year.

Slouchy Cardigans - Although it may be warming up in New England, we're still at a time of the year where the temperature is doing whatever it wants and is basically confusing everyone at all times. Is it hot? Is it cold? WHO KNOWS. All I know is having a solid collection of slouchy comfy cardigans is always a good idea and, in my opinion, are still a perfect wardrobe accessory in the springtime.

Boyfriend Jeans - If you can't tell, the over all theme to this post/my life is comfort. Jeans are no exception to this rule, and the fashion industry caters to people like me with the boyfriend style of jeans. Loose and comfy yet still feminine - I'm a big fan. Pair these with cute sneakers and a fun tee, it's the perfect combo for a spring day out and about town, or for lounging around the house.

Round, Horn-Rimmed Sunglasses - This style of sunglasses is my new favorite. I just picked up a similar pair while I was in Florida and while I'm usually pretty picky about the sunglasses I wear, I really like the way this style looks on me! I'll probably be rocking my pair all spring and summer long.

Bright Yellow Handbag - With the reemergence of the sun comes the reemergence of my love for NEON. I recently moved into my Flouro Pink Filofax Original in celebration and I now have my sights set on a bright yellow handbag to take on the go. I particularly like the one pictured above, the Merona Mini Satchel Handbag in Peace Green (though we all know this is neon yellow) from Target. I have a feeling that I'll be popping into my local Target sometime in the near future to make this gem mine!

Sperry Original Boat Shoes - As I said in my intro, I'm really a no-socks-slip-ons kind of gal when it comes to footwear. The easier the better, and nothing is easier than a comfy pair of boat shoes. Sadly, one of the Sperry Originals that my mom so kindly bought for me last year went M.I.A. toward the end of last summer and I have zero idea where it went (I think it fell out of my trunk when I was moving laundry in and out and it was never found again). So sad! I loved these shoes to death so I need to invest in a new pair. They're seriously the perfect pairing to almost any outfit and absolutely fantastic for spring.

Woven Flats - This style of shoe is making a serious comeback and the cross between sandal and ballet flat makes it a great pick for spring. I can totally see myself living in a pair of these throughout the entire spring and summer months, and even stretching it into fall! Though I have a feeling a pair of shoes like this is going to give me a seriously funky tan line on my feet!

What styles are you eyeing for spring?

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