Saturday, March 26, 2016

Winter 2015/2016 Favorites!

It's springtime! Hooray! That means I get to share with you all what my favorite things of the winter are! I love shooting these kinds of videos, and in the past I've written out a little paragraph about each product over here on the blog in addition to sharing the video, but this month I figured it would be *much* easier to just share my favorites video with you and let you hit play! I've also included links to the products you'll be able to check out for yourself right underneath the video as well. I hope you all enjoy!

Items discussed in the video:

BOOK: "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert

ACCESSORY: Sunglasses from Florida


FOOD: Montreal Bagels (St. Viateur)

BODY: Midnight Pomegranate Body Spray from BBW

HAIR: Pantene Pro-V Serious Repair Detangler

TECH: GorillaPod

HOME/OFFICE: Dumbledore FunkoPop 
Journal & Glue Dot Runner

INTERNET: SimCity Let's Play Videos (BDoubleO100
Flight Attendant Vlogs (Jenny Ernst & Shiba Style)

MEMORIES: Florida Trip + Montreal Trip

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