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Black Friday 2015 Haul!

I went a little crazy on Black Friday this year... ^_^'' 

I definitely came away with quite a haul and I thought I would share it with you all! Most of what I bought was online and won't be in my possession for a few weeks as I bought a lot from smaller planner shops and one large item from an Australian-based company (can you guess which?), so a video wasn't super realistic for a haul as I wouldn't have a ton to show off. Hopefully you can get an idea of what I got through the links and photos I provided below!

Clothes & Accessories

This category definitely wasn't one that I was focused on for myself, but the majority of these items (everything from L.L. Bean!) were gifts from my parents for Christmas (we did an early Christmas this year when my sister was in town for Thanksgiving), all of which I'm very excited about! I'm feeling prepared for the winter with my cozy flannels and fuzzy slippers! :)

Hobbs Creek Flannel in Mallard (I couldn't find a photo online of the correct color, so it is shown above!)
$10.00 from Bass Pro Shops

Scotch Plaid Flannel in Gray Douglas
$44.95 from L.L. Bean

Wicked Good Camp Moccasins in Charcoal
$69.00 from L.L. Bean

Camelbak Mini M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack in Lilac/Purple Cactus Flower (needed a new one for marathon training!)
$50.00 from L.L. Bean

As well as several more items from Bass Pro Shops that I will be giving as gifts so I cannot show them here, but found some really great deals on!

Planner Goodies

Now this is where I went a little nuts. I've definitely been building up my planner goody supply over the last few months and it feels like I've grown is by a very significant percentage with these purchases! It's pretty hard not to go crazy when things that are usually $2-$3 are on sale by nearly half off! ^_^'' The photos shown below are all from the shops themselves (aside from my quick snap of my Hobby Lobby purchases!) so make sure you click on the links provided to get a better look of each item!

Hello Papercat

Hello Papercat is one of my favorite planner goody shops online, so when her Black Friday Sale was announced I went a little crazy. Her sale started at 6PM PST on Wednesday, so needless to say I was anxiously waiting its start at 9PM EST in my childhood room in New Hampshire the night before Thanksgiving!

Hello Papercat's Black Friday Sale: 50% off orders $50 or higher OR 20% off with no minimum spending. (Of course I went with the 50% off option!)

Cats in Christmas Clothes A5 Dashboard - $3.00 (originally $6.00)
Christmas Sweater A5 Dashboard - $3.00 (originally $6.00)
Fairy Tale A5 Dashboard - $3.00 (originally $6.00)
Fawn Pattern A5 Dashboard - $3.00 (originally $6.00)

"This is Me Now" A5 Dashboard - $3.00 (originally $6.00) - I already had the Tina and Louise dashboards from this shop, so of course I had to complete the set with Gene!
"Ugh... As If!" Personal Dashboard -$1.50 (originally $2.00)
Zombie Magnetic Bookmark - $1.00 (originally $2.00)

Pink Sprinkles Donut Magnetic Bookmark - $1.00 (originally $2.00)
Santa Magnetic Bookmark - $1.00 (originally $2.00)
Banananana Magnetic Bookmark - $1.00 (originally $2.00)

Pink Bow Kawaii Mug Magnetic Bookmark - $1.00 (originally $2.00)
Frapuccino Magnetic Bookmark - $1.00 (originally $2.00)
Credit Card Magnetic Bookmark - $1.00 (originally $2.00)

Bonus Gift Items with Purchase: Bambi & Aristocat Magnetic Bookmarks

Karolina's Krafts

Karolina's Krafts is a pretty well-known shop in the planner community and rightfully so - her products are stunning and there is a relatively big selection! Unfortunately her products are also on the more expensive end of planner goodies so ordering from her isn't something I can do regularly. However, with her Black Friday sale, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to purchase some planner stickers from her! If you order from here, make sure you are super patient - with the high influx of orders she receives, it can take 3-6 weeks for you to receive your order!

Karolina's Krafts Black Friday Sale: 40% Off Entire Shop!

Glasses Stickers - $2.40 (originally $4.00)
Roadtrip Car Stickers - $3.00 (originally $5.00)
Brunette Yoga Girl Stickers - $3.00 (originally $5.00)

Lemon Paper Co.

I found this shop when the owner followed me on Instagram earlier last week and her stickers are so cute! Her selection isn't too large but she had a few sticker designs that I've been meaning to purchase for use in my planner. She ships from Singapore so it does take a bit of time for it to get to you, but I think the adorableness is worth it!

Lemon Paper Co's Black Friday Sale: 30% Off Entire Shop!

Dumbbell Stickers x2 - $1.50 each (originally $2.15 each)
Pastel Coffee Cup Stickers x2 - $1.50 each (originally $2.15 each)

Hello Cupcake Plans

I also found this shop through Instagram (I believe they liked a photo of mine) and I absolutely fell in love with it when I clicked onto Etsy to check them out! The stickers on this site are bright and vibrant and so, so cute. I went a bit crazy in this shop as well, but some of these sticker sets I know I'll use frequently so I bought multiple sheets. I totally recommend checking out this shop if you're into bright colors and kawaii desings! (And I mean, who isn't in this community?!)

Hello Cupcake Plans Black Friday Sale: 40% Off Entire Shop!

Laptop Stickers x2 - $1.20 each (originally $3.00 each)
Cupcake Stickers x2 - $1.20 each (originally $3.00 each)
Crockpot Stickers - $1.20 (originally $3.00)
Coffee Cup Stickers x2 - $1.20 each (originally $3.00 each)
Money Stickers - $1.20 (originally $3.00)

Lisa Lorene Plans

Another shop found via Instagram! She doesn't have the biggest selection if you're not an Erin Condren user (and I found through my shopping that most of the shops on Etsy focus on ECLP which can be a bit frustrating if you do not use the LP), but I managed to find a few sets that I love!

Lisa Lorene Plans Black Friday Sale: 40% Off Entire Shop!

Running Shoe Stickers x2 - $0.90 each (originally $1.50 each)
Zero Fox Given Stickers  x3 -$0.60 each (originally $1.00 each)
Plus one sheet that I will be using in a holiday planner swap for the New England Planner Girls Facebook group! :)

Hobby Lobby

Being a planner girl, it's pretty surprising that I had never been to a Hobby Lobby, and so when my mom offered to bring me to the Hobby Lobby by her on Black Friday, I jumped at the opportunity! There was a huge sale on all things from The Paper Studio, so I went a little crazy with the Washi. I also threw in a couple of glue runners for dashboard making and a whole slew of things for the holiday planner swap the New England Planner Girls Facebook group is doing!

Hobby Lobby's Black Friday Sale: 50% Off The Paper Studio items (and many other items, but The Paper Studio is what I was focused on!)

-5 pack of functional skinny Washi (Pink "important", black & white chevron, pink and white stripes, gold "noted", white and blue "to-do")
-5 pack of solid color skinny Washi (blue, lime green, yellow, orange, red)
-2-pack of Washi (triangles & arrows)
-2-pack of Washi (gold foil pineapples & polka dots)
-Deer Washi
-2 glue-dot runners - needed these to make more dashboards!


Last but certainly not least is my purchase from Kikki-K! I've been eyeing this planner since it released a few weeks ago, and I've always been in love with Kikki-K's mint-and-gold color scheme planners, so when I clicked on to the website Wednesday night and saw their Black Friday sale, I knew it was time to finally pull the trigger and buy by 2016 planner! Shipping is a bit expensive as these products ship from Australia (roughly $10 to ship to the US) but with the sale, I still paid less for the product and for shipping than I would have paid for the product at full price - SCORE. I am so, so excited for this planner to arrive and to move in! (Of course, I'll be showing this off in a video as soon as it arrives!)

Kikk-K's Black Friday Sale: 20% Off entire online store!

I'm pretty close to being done with my holiday shopping after this little haul (I picked up several things for Brett and for friends through my shopping as well - it wasn't purely selfish! :P) but I do have a few more things I'm eyeing for Cyber Monday tomorrow (mostly a laminator and printer ink to make more planner dashboards!). I don't know what it is this year - the deal bug has bitten me hard!

Did you buy anything this Black Friday?

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