Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Few of my Favorite Links {#16}

Hello everyone! 

It's time for yet another installment of my favorite links! In pulling this list together, I found that a lot of these links have to do with bears... Maybe I'm going into hibernation mode as it gets dark earlier each day or maybe I'm missing my graduate alma mater (Bridgewater's mascot is a Bear!) but apparently I'm really channeling my inner bear! Any who, I hope you enjoy the links below, and make sure you let me know what your favorite links of the moment are in the comments!

New England Planner Girls

First and foremost is this awesome group of ladies - the New England Planner Girls group on Facebook! In perusing Instagram, I came across one of my favorite planner girls heading to a MidWest planner meet up, which made me wonder if there was a group of just New England based planner ladies. Lo and behold - there is! I actually ended up finding out that one of my colleagues is part of the group AND a fellow Lasell alum is part of the group, so of course I had to invite my planner partner-in-crime, Brittany, to the group as well so we could freak out about how awesome it is together. I'm having a great time participating in this community, and even just organized a secret holiday planner swap for everyone! If you're a planner gal like myself, I highly recommend finding your local planner group on Facebook to feel a bit more connected to the community!

Amazing Bear Sleeping Bag

Onto our first bear-themed item - a BEAR SLEEPING BAG. How freakin' comfortable does this look?! All I want to do is cuddle up inside of this thing and nap all winter long. It's in the ballpark of $2,350 so I mean this will probably never be in my life, unfortunately, but a girl can dream. I guess I'll just wait until the knockoffs start popping up everywhere because honestly, who doesn't want one of these?!

College Humor & White House PSA to Stop College Sexual Assault

CollegeHumor and The White House collaborated on this brilliant PSA to stop campus rape
Posted by NowThis on Saturday, November 7, 2015
Out next bear-themed item is (surprisingly) this ad produced by CollegeHumor and the White House. You definitely gotta give props to CollegeHumor for this PSA. First of all, it's hilarious, but it also makes an excellent point and draws attention to a very serious issue. If you were in a situation where a bear was going to attack 1 of 5 of your friends, you wouldn't just sit idly by while it happens, so why do that when 1 of 5 people on a college campus will get sexually assaulted? Hats off, CollegeHumor. Hats. Off.

Long Board Dancing

Longboard Dancing 20151115 from hyojoo on Vimeo.

This video is absolutely mesmerizing. It shows a woman dancing - yes, dancing - on her long board while flying down the sidewalk. How someone has that much balance is beyond me, but this is super cool. I highly recommend that you watch this video if you want to be thoroughly impressed!

Ewok Hooded Scarf

And our last bear (kind of) themed is this Ewok hooded scarf from ThinkGeek! How adorably awesome is this?! Just in time for the next Star Wars movie to release in December. I'm obsessed and wouldn't hate it if it would up in my possession before the 18th so I could wear it to the movie. (Yes I'm going on the day it releases. Yes I would love to wear some sort of costume-like outfit. Cullen, Erin, and I are considering Star Wars onesies - cozy AND festive!)

What links are you loving lately?

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