Thursday, November 19, 2015

Happy Vlogidays 2015!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is one week away?!

Me either, but yes, the holiday season is officially upon us. I blame my busy weeks at work for making the year fly on by but we are coming right down to the end of 2015 which is crazy!

Last year I vlogged throughout the last few weeks of December and posted weekly videos on my YouTube channel. Vlogging during the Christmas season is often referred to as Vlogmas on YouTube, but because I also included New Year's I called my video series "Happy Vlogidays!" (which, in my opinion, sounds so much more like "happy holidays" than Vlogmas sounds like Christmas... but that's just me). I really loved recording my holiday season because we did so many fun things and now I can look back on them for the rest of my life. As we got closer to the end of the year, I knew I wanted to do it again!

This year I'll be starting a bit earlier than last and will be kicking my Happy Vlogidays off with Thanksgiving. My sister is flying up from South Carolina for Thanksgiving this year and because we won't be able to spend Christmas together as a family we're going to celebrate before Thanksgiving on the 25th of November instead of the 25th of December. We have some fun things planned as a family and Brett and I also have some fun events coming up in early December such as going to a Patriots Game (my first Pats game ever!) and our 3 year anniversary, so I definitely want to record those things and share them with you all as well. 

Because I don't have time in my schedule to upload on a daily basis, I'm going to record throughout the week and will be posting the videos on my YouTube channel on every Wednesday starting on December 2nd until January 6th. Make sure you're subscribed to see them as I upload them! (I will post them all as a playlist here on the blog in January as part of a holiday recap, so no worries if you don't want to head over to YouTube but still want to see them.) I'm looking forward to another fun-filled holiday season and to share it with you all!

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