Friday, September 25, 2015

Organize My Life | What's In My Planner Supply Box?

Throughout my time of being part of the online planner community, I've come to realize that every planner person has one of these:

...or at least some variation of one. This is what I like to call my planner supply box - the place where I store all the goodies and accessories that I've picked up to really deck out my planner, journals, and notebooks. If you've learned anything from any of my planner flip-throughs, you know that I'm not a huge planner decorator. I use my planners for functionality and with my busy lifestyle it's always on the go with me, leaving little time to sit down and decorate with stickers and washi (and honestly, I prefer the extra white space to scribble on my pages anyhow). BUT, from time to time I do like to get creative with additional inserts in my planner, or perhaps even my journals! 

Having a one-stop shop for all things that I could potentially utilize to really give my planner some pop has been wonderful, and since I love seeing what other planner people keep in their arsenal, I thought it'd be fun to show off my own! To start, here's what's in the box itself:

Washi: I think washi tape is so much fun and I love the idea of making pages pretty with all of it, but the act of actually decorating with washi makes me nervous because I'm terrible at it. I do have a small collection (all of my rolls are shown above) that I like to play around with when decorating other pages of my planner or to decorate in other notebooks, though. Maybe one day I'll get better!

Stamps: I think stamping is so much fun! The thing I love most about stamps is how they can have imperfections and still look absolutely stunning on a page. AND you can write over stamping very easily without it ruining the look. I would love to grow my stamp collection in the future.

Scrapbook paper: These are only a few of the scrapbook paper packs I have - the other ones were too big to fit in the box. I love utilizing scrapbook paper to create new dividers and tabs for my Filofax to really give it some personality.

Notepad: This came in a planner swap I did in the spring. I haven't really used it for anything as of yet.

Paperclips: Just a few here and there. I have a much larger supply at work - even dog shaped paperclips! I show off one in my coordinating video below. :)

Elastic string & hole punching tool: These were used when I made my traveler's notebook in the spring. (I still need to do a DIY for that project and show you how to make one - it's super easy!)

Sticker folder: I got this accordion folder from Target and it's AWESOME to keep all my stickers organized. I have so many stickers that I've amassed over the years of craft projects and scrapbooking in addition to my planner hobby, so having one compact space for all of them has been wonderful.

Packing Tape: I use this mainly for when I'm making custom dividers. I'll put packing tape on the tabs so when they get flipped back and forth the wear on the paper will be much less.

Notebook: This came in a planner swap. I think it might turn into a bullet journal once my current bullet journal is filled up.

Filofax A5 Dividers:
These are the dividers that came with my Saffiano, but they were a little too bland for me to just keep in my planner. I keep them to use as templates for any future dividers or inserts I might make, 

Personal inserts folder:
I could never fit all of my inserts into my Personal Filofax, so I keep the unused inserts in this accordion folder. They fit perfectly and the folder itself protects the pages very well.
Filofax Personal Cover Story: When I moved out of my Cover Story, I was also in the middle of moving out of my apartment. The Personal size fits wonderfully into the box, though now I feel like I should display it on a shelf - it's just so cute! I think once my planner collection starts to grow, I'll put my planners on display.

SmashBook folders: I picked these up at Michaels a couple of years ago, thinking I was going to get into the SmashBook craze (I didn't). I haven't found a use for them as of yet, but I hang onto them because they're such an interesting craft supply that I have a feeling I'll want to use it in something someday.

Post-it notes and page flags: My favorite planning supply is definitely Post-its. Its awesome to have a way to keep something in your planner with the option to move it if needed. I have quite a collection at my desk at work, but sometimes I'll rotate them out from the supply I have in the box.

My pencil cases are where I keep the supplies that I use every day in my planner. They come around with me everywhere my planner goes. The smaller case you see above fits nicely right in the bigger case, but each case holds different items.

The bigger case holds general supplies that I might need now and again and I like to have on hand at all times, but don't necessarily get used every day. I'll keep white out tape, highlighters, a couple of pens, Sharpies, and a bullet journal that I use as a brain dump. Sometimes I might throw in a stack of Post-its, and I also usually keep a month-at-a-glance pocket calendar in here that I use solely for tracking work events if I need to take it out of the office.

The smaller case is where I keep all the pens/pencils I use every single day. My favorite pens are the Pilot G2 pens and I use them everyday in my Filofax. Because I color code, I have LOTS of different color options. I also keep a ballpoint pen and a handful of mechanical pencils that are used for my month-at-a-glance work calendar.

My planning style is pretty straight forward and to the point, so I may not have as glamorous of a planner supply box as someone else might have, but I really like the collection I've amassed so far! If you have a planner supply box/bag/shelf/etc. please share it with me! I'd love to see what you use.

Make sure you check out my coordinating blog post below to see more of my planner supply arsenal, as well as what supplies I keep in my planner itself!


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