Friday, September 4, 2015

Book Review: Modern Romance

For the month of August, I chose to read Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. I was PUMPED when I found out he had written a book. He's one of my favorite comedians so I knew I had to get my hands on it ASAP. I definitely was not disappointed, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had snagged this book thinking it was a memoir of sorts, but it actually turns out that this is an extremely well-researched and extremely entertaining piece that examines dating in this day and age. Ansari does throw in a few personal anecdotes here and there, but for the most part the book outlines how dating in handled by millenials in the United States and how it compares to not only other generations in the US, but millenials* in other parts of the world as well.

Topics such as texting, Tinder, cheating, marriage, one night stands, and others are covered in this book. I found the study of how our generation compares to older generations particularly interesting. Ansari points out our generation's need to find the perfect match before even considering marriage at all, and how with the advancement of technology and the endless options that online dating have provided us, we're always wondering if our next partner will be even more perfect than our current partner, making settling down extremely intimidating. In older generations, the criteria for a spouse came down to "they lived near me, they had a job, and they were nice". Like... what?! It seems like that's unheard of to us. However, with the limited options that older generations had, that was the typical route to go.

This book was great - funny, informative, a bit thought provoking, and all around entertaining. If you are familiar with Aziz Ansari, there's a good chance you can hear his voice reading to you as you read through the pages**. This is a quick read, so it would be great to take along with you on a trip or bring with you in your bag to pass the time when you're waiting for things. I would totally recommend it if you're looking for something fun!

If you've read this book, let me know what you think in the comments! 
I would love to hear your thoughts.

*Total side note: I wanted to point out that my computer is giving me a red-squiggly under the word "millenials" but is not giving me a red-squiggly under the word "squiggly". Get with the times, computer! "Millenials" is a real word!

**I actually hear the audiobook version of this is incredible. I would recommend that version if you're not familiar with Aziz - you'll get a better understanding of his humor!

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