Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer 2015 Wishlist

I feel like I've mentioned it several times on this blog, but I LOVE SUMMER. I love the hot weather, the sun staying out 'til 9PM, and so many fun activities! With grad school in the rearview, I've had so much more time this year to just relax and make so many awesome plans with the people I love and it has been wonderful. I've also seen so many fun summer products out there this year that I've been dying to get my hands on! I thought it would be fun to compile a list and share with you some of the items that I'm drooling over this season.

Food-shaped Floaties

Pizza - $55 at Urban Outfitters
Pretzel - $29 at Urban Outfitters

I keep seeing fun food-shape floaties circling Instagram and they are so adorable! How cool would it be to just float around on a donut or a pretzel in the sunshine? The designs above are a little bit more expensive than I would pay for an inflatable I'd probably only use a handful of times a year, but they are so adorable that I would probably have a hard time walking away from one that might be a little bit cheaper!

I Love Running/I Hate Running Tank

$22 (Originally $27) at ActiveApparel

It's pretty much impossible to run in the hot summer sun unless you're rocking a tank top, and when this design popped up my Facebook timeline I fell in love! The graphic is a perfect representation of my feelings toward long-distance running, and I think it'd be so funny to wear this while marathon training!

Strut Your Stuff Elephant Cross-Body

$298 at Kate Spade

While I could nevereverevereverever justify blowing nearly $300 on a small cross-body bag, this one is amazing. I love the origami elephant design (obviously) and the bag features 14k gold hardware. You know what's the kicker - THE EARS DOUBLE AS EXTERIOR POCKETS. WHAT. *heart eye emoji* If only I made enough money to make this dream a reality... At least it's fun to look at, though!

Kadee Island Flat

$31.99 at Crocs

I am normally not a fan of Crocs at all, but I've always said that they make really adorable flats! There was an ACUHO-I intern at BSU this summer who had a really adorable pair of nude Crocs flats that prompted me to peruse their website to see what kind of designs they had available. I fell in love with these guys and just might buy a pair the next time I have a spare $32. I mean, I can't say I would hate having an insanely lightweight and comfortable pair of shoes I can wear to work!

SNL & Judd Apatow Memoirs

Memoirs and biographies are by far my favorite genre of books, and this past year some really cool titles have been released. I recently purchased Modern Love by one of my favorite comedians, Aziz Ansari and will be diving into it soon, but I really want to get my hands on the newest edition of Live from New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live as Told by its Stars, Writers and Guests by Tom Shales & James Andrew Miller that was released in September, and Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow. (But first I should probably get through a book or two that I already own...)

Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer

From 21st Amendment Brewery

This beer was first released in 2002, but for whatever reason I keep hearing people talk about it and keep seeing it all over ever store I go to this summer. I'm a big fan of lighter wheat beers and pale ales, and I'm not opposed to having those beers have a little kick of fruit flavor in them during the summer months, so I'd really like to give this a shot at some point this summer!

What are some products you'd really like to try out this summer?

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