Monday, July 6, 2015

I Moved!

Seen above is a panoramic of my essentially empty apartment at Dean. (A few of my furniture items did not make the cut in the move to my new tiny studio.) Over the last few days I've been moving across the state of Massachusetts to my new home! This is my first *big girl* apartment - one that is away from work, that I'm paying for myself, and can really call my own. It's like I'm adult or something. YAY!

Brett and I spent the majority of last Wednesday and Thursday driving back and forth from Franklin to my new teeny-tiny hometown in central MA, which turns out to be about an hour and some change one way. Throw in the Cape Cod traffic leading into the holiday and it made for a grueling couple of days. Our hard work paid off, through, and we only had to make one trip to the new apartment when my parents came down to help with my larger furniture. We made 5 trips to the new place in total (totaling in around 10 or so hours over three days) and I can now officially say my time at Dean is over. It's been an interesting three years (to say the least), but it brought me so many wonderful things like my first two apartments, a path into the field of Higher Ed, amazing connections with students, Brett (*heart eye emoji*), and my friendships with Rob and Cassie. It was very bitter sweet to say goodbye (I mean look at that apartment) but I'm happy my career is progressing in the direction I want it to! :)

I went from living in a gorgeously too-large-for-one-person 5 room apartment at Dean, to a small studio that is actually perfect for one person with the lifestyle I have (aka always working and never home). I had to do a significant amount of downsizing and as I unpack I am still working on figuring out what I do and don't need and throwing things out or donating items that are still usable. My place is on the first floor of a small apartment complex in the mountains of central MA and it is so freaking quiet here that it's basically the opposite of living in a residence hall. It is so perfect. (The views of the mountains don't hurt either!) I can't wait to share photos and videos of  everything once it's unpack and in its place, but for now, here's a vlog from our moving experience last week!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! :)

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