Friday, July 10, 2015

Etsy Haul! {July 2015}

Late one night while I was on duty during Orientation (read: at the tail end of an 18-hour day), my delirious self hopped onto Etsy for the first time in months and decided it was time to make some purchases. I had some money on my PayPal account that I could afford to burn, so why not make some adorable purchases to make my surroundings a bit cuter? Check out the items I bought below, and make sure you also check out each of the shops that I bought from!

Ever since I bought my 3DSXL a year and a half ago, I've been craving a Squirtle decal on the front of my plain black console. I've been rummaging Etsy ever since I purchased my DS for the perfect one, but for whatever reason never stumbled across these adorable Pokemon stickers from PixelBoundStudios! These come in matte & glossy stickers and magnets, and Ashley (the shop owner) has created designs for a decent amount of Pokemon! It was so hard for me to decide between the Squirtle and the Blastoise (they're both SO ADORABLE), but ultimately I (obviously) went with the Blastoise. The face he was making was just way too cute to pass up! (AND it's become the perfect addition to my DS!) I will definitely be purchasing more of these stickers or magnets in the future! :)

I've been drooling over glam planners on YouTube and Instagram for years now, and some of my favorite photos and videos feature these cute decorated paperclips that are typically found on Etsy. I found these at HaveACupcakeNY and they are so adorable! They are made of paper so they aren't the sturdiest things in the world (at the time I took these photos I had already been using them in my planner for a few days and you can see that the bottom of the bow is already a bit frayed and the cherry stem on the cupcake is a little bent), but they are too cute to pass up. I would recommend these if you're the kind of person who likes to keep their planner in one place (unlike me, who takes mine literally everywhere!). Check out the photo of these gems in action over on my Instagram!

Animal Sticky Notes & Page Flags

What kind of type-A planner nerd would I be if I didn't totally binge out on cute sticky notes? I think cute sticky notes are my favorite planner accessory because a. they're obviously adorable, and b. I actually use them in my planning on a pretty regular basis. When I came across this shop I knew I had to snag a few packs!

I was pretty disappointed when I received these last two packs because they are teeny tiny. I was really hoping they would be a bit bigger so I could write notes on them more often, but the listing doesn't have any size information available so I really didn't know what I would be getting size-wise.  Here's what they look like next to a Pilot G2 pen:

Planner Stickers

These are probably what I'm most excited about with this Etsy haul! I knew that I wanted to add a bit of flair and cuteness to my everyday planning, so I thought that the best route was to try out some planner stickers! I ordered laundry, grocery, sushi, and alcoholic beverages stickers for starters, because I figured those were the ones that I would use the most often. How cute are these?!

The shop owner, Tiffany, also sent me a free sheet of weather stickers as well as a handful of samples of her other stickers, and all of them are so, so cute! I will 100% be ordering from her again when I want to buy more stickers, and I highly recommend that all of my planner people do the same! :)

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops? 
Leave them below - I would love to check them out!

*I had originally ordered a Safari pack of these animal page flags, but received these ones instead. I went on to this shop to see if I could find the Safari flags, but they were no longer listed, so I'm assuming they sold out before the seller could fill my order. However, there was no email or note in my shipment to explain the change. I was a little bummed, but I understand that this is one of the risks you take when you order from an independent vendor.

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