Friday, December 27, 2013


I just returned home after a week long visit to my parents' for the holidays. It was wonderful seeing my family and spending time with them! I was way too spoiled and am ridiculously lucky for having amazingly generous gift givers in my life. Seriously, I was blown away. I can never express how thankful I am for everything I received! But most of all, it was refreshing to spend time with family who I rarely get to see during the school year. With my sister a few thousand miles away from New England, it's even rarer that all 4 of us together at the same time, so this Christmas was extra special!

Though it is nice spending time with family and friends that live in the area, it can be a bit exhausting to catch up with everyone, so it's nice to be home. It's strange calling my apartment home instead of the home I grew up in, but I suppose there comes a time in everyone's life when that transition happens. It's not that I don't feel at home at my parents' because I absolutely do and love spending time there, but as I sit on my bed typing this post and listening to Brett play the new XBOX game I got him for Christmas, I just feel happy. I feel like that's when you know you are home. When nothing special is going on, and you're happy for no reason in particular. You just know that's where you're supposed to be. :)

I received my grades back from my first semester of grad school!

Student Development Theory: A
Theories & Techniques in Student Affairs: A
Research & Evaluation: A-
GPA: 3.9

Hooray! All that stress and busting my butt has paid off. Now onto semester 2...

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and for those that are in school, 
I hope you got awesome grades for the semester!

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