Sunday, September 29, 2013

Souvenirs from the Weekend

My parents came to visit me yesterday for Dean's Family Day, and they brought so many goodies with them! I mean, they usually do (because they're awesome like that), but I felt like a few of these items would make for some good back story from my life, so why not put it in a blog post? Kcoolherewego.

1. Dean Button - Okay, so they didn't exactly bring this with them, but we all got one at the Dean Football game that we went to! I always love getting new Dean things because they don't come as frequently as other institutions I've been involved with, so when they do it's pretty exciting! I'm glad I can put this on my bag and show it off around BSU! ;)

2. New Hampshire Apples - My parents went apple picking a few weeks ago. I remember our annual apple and pumpkin picking trips from when I was a kid and I really miss them. If fall wasn't so busy for Brett and I, I would have dragged him to an orchard or pumpkin patch by now!

3. Swedish Fish from Kittery Trading Post - Heading up to Kittery for outlet shopping is another popular thing to do when you live near the seacoast of NH. Mom & Dad brought me back some awesome Swedish Fish (which my office just happens to be obsessed with!) and an awesome Maine Moose zip up fleece. Awesome!

4. Fudge from the Deerfield Fair - It's the last weekend of September, so obviously that means it's time for the Deerfield Fair! Growing up, we'd go each year as a family. Ride the rides, watch horse shows and ox pulls, and eat more junk food than you can fathom humanly possible. My favorite? (Besides the hot apple crisp, of course!) Fudge from the Nelson's Candies stand. I'm so happy these babies made their way down to MA!

5. Skull Tumblers - Can we be serious for one second? These are the COOLEST things you've ever seen, right?! As you know from a recent post, Halloween is my favorite holiday, so obviously I'm really into things with skeletons and skulls on them (I mean, just look at my Twitter layout). I've also been a huge fan of tumblers as of late (I use them in place of water bottles and they work fantasticly for hydration purposes), so the combination of the two is just perfect in my book!

6. Elephant Wristlet - Anyone who's close to me knows that I have a major elephant obsessions, and no one knows it better than my family. I feel like I get a handful of elephant themed gifts from them every year and I love each and every one of them! This one may or may not be my favorite. Come on... an elephant shaped WRISTLET?! Where can you go wrong? I'm obsessed. And what makes it even better is that all 3 of my immediate family members helped with the giving of this gift when my parents visited my sister in South Carolina earlier this month. I love it, and them!


  1. That elephant wristlet looks just like a tiny elephant keychain I have! I love how your elephant is red and how its trunk is curved upwards. So cute!

    1. Thanks! I'm obsessed :D (and I'm sure I'd love your key chain as well!)