Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Favorite Fall Things

Happy fall, everyone! It's getting chilly here in the northeast, and though I'll miss lazy days of lying in the sunshine and staying outside until the sun sets at 10pm (I'll always be a summer girl at heart), this time of year is always super exciting in college land. First year students figuring things out and finding their independence, students joining new organizations and taking chances, and the whole community coming together with pride for the school. Love it!

Fall also brings my favorite holiday evereverever - Halloween! :D I got so excited this morning when I realized that it's almost the end of September and soon it will be acceptable to start hanging up Halloween decorations around my apartment! Halloween's just one of those holidays that's pure fun, like New Year's or the 4th of July. There isn't an obligation to celebrate, participate, or buy anything. It's completely stress free, and that's what makes it so great! This year I'll be away at a conference on the 31st, so we'll be celebrating the weekend before with a combination Halloween/Brett's birthday party with all sorts of friends. Can't wait!

Though I hate the cold weather, I'm happy it's finally acceptable to wear comfy sweaters, cute tights, high boots, and cozy scarves (even though I wear them no matter the temperature :P), drink hot coffee, chocolate, and apple cider, and watch the Patriots and throw a tailgate party every weekend. Not to mention How I Met Your Mother is back, and the Bruins will be opening their season next week! I'll always pick summer as my favorite season, but I guess fall has grown on me in the past few years. I can't wait to share with you all this fall has in store for me!

What are your favorite things about fall?

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