Monday, November 24, 2014

The Non-Work Side of my Life*

I went back to check when the last time I gave you all a non-work related* life update and it's been over a month (woops), so I'd say I'm due for one! So what has happened in my life over the past 5 weeks? (I had to go through the photos on my phone to remember exactly...)

*Some of these are still work related, but my whole life is work at the moment, soooo what can ya do!

1. Rob and I went to see The Cruicible at Dean which was amazing. I love that show but had never seen it performed live, and I find the topic of the Salem Witch Trials to be so interesting, so needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The acting was incredbile as well. (Seriously, the student who played John Proctor was amazing.) It's so cool to say that I get to work with these students when I'm such a big fan of theirs! 

2. I tried the Sugar Cookie latte from Dunkin' Donuts. It was sub-par. #disappointing

3. Brett had his 26th birthday! We celebrated that evening with a few of his colleagues by going out to our favorite local Chinese restaurant, drinking some Mai Tais, and just taking some time from our hectic schedules to just relax. It was seriously just what we needed with all that we have going on, and he really enjoyed himself which is the most important part!

4. My student Cassie and I have been training for the Wolf Hollow Half Marathon! It's Cassie's first half and I'm very excited I get to run it with her and see her fall in love with this distance (trust me, Cass - you're going to get addicted). We ran the race itself yesterday, and I'll fill you in on how the day went later this week!

5. I worked my first major event at Clark - Jay Pharoah! He was hilarious and a very nice person as well. I got the chance to meet him after the show and take a photo with him, which was awesome! Other Student Activities people, if you're looking for a performer, I would totally recommend hiring Jay. He was great!

6. My family made the official decision that we will be jetting off on a family vacation for spring break! We haven't taken a trip as a family (just the four of us) since just before my sister graduated from high school in February 2006. So, with me about to graduate with my M.Ed. and to start really being a big kid, Mom & Dad thought we were due for another get away! We will be cruising from NOLA to Mexico, Belize, and Hounduras in mid-March (conveniently vacationing during both my dad's and sister's birthdays!) and I am pumped to go explore more of the world with them!

7. My CAs Mary and Jenna and I hosted my favorite program to host ever - DEEP FRIED EVERYTHING. This is a cooking/experiemental program that I tried out two years ago and was a huge hit, and so I decided to bring it back this year and it was just as successful! People loved trying out everything deep fried, learning how to make deep fried things (it's surprisingly very easy!), and just having the chance to hang out and bond!

8. Nichols had their last football game. It was a rough season, but I didn't see these guys give up one time through all of their losses. They always battled til the last whistle, which takes so much heart. If Nichols continues to play like that, they will eventually start winning more and more games in the years to come, and I hope I am there to watch it happen!

9. Rob and I went to see Urinetown at Dean on Friday (you know it's been a long time since my last life update when I can fit both of Dean's productions for the fall into one post). It was wonderful and hilarious and as usual, the Dean cast KILLED IT. I had never heard of Urinetown before the theater department announced that they would be doing the show, but I loved it and encourage everyone to go see it if they have the chance!

What have you been up to lately?

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