Thursday, June 12, 2014

Helmets Up!: Warrior Dash 2014

Before picture!

Louie, Nick, Danielle and I took on the Warrior Dash at good ol' Amesbury Sport Park a couple weekends ago. You'll remember that our experience from the same location at the Superhero Scramble was not very pleasant (I bruised my tailbone and got covered in poison ivy... ick), but this race was much more fun for all involved!

Brett made it out to come be our support crew. I always feel badly that he can't see us do the obstacles, but he's always a good sport and enjoys himself anyway! (And takes selfies with me! :D)

Being awkward, per usual.

Helmets up! #noonejoinedme

Judging by how the last race I ran at the Amesbury Sport Park was extremely painful, I was pretty nervous to run this one. However, it went much better than I had imagined it to! I managed to get over/through every obstacle on my own no sweat (though I'll admittedly never be comfortable being up in the air on a rickety wooden contraption). I was extra surprised that I managed to get up and over the signature obstacle course wall that I could not conquer without Brett's help last year. There were some boards that were definitely helpful, and it wasn't nearly as steep, but I was proud of myself nonetheless.

Louie & I finished the first of our group!

After picture!

Unfortunately I got a pretty severe migraine after this race and felt terribly sick all the way home, but the race itself was so much fun and it's always good to share the experience with friends! Hope that I get to do a few more obstacle races before the weather starts cooling down again!

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