Friday, October 14, 2016

#BorrowAThon Announcement!

Exciting announcement!

I've been telling you guys that I'm hosting a November readathon for the last few weeks now and I'm excited to finally announce it! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...


This readathon aims to embrace that you don't need to spend money in order to enjoy wonderful books. There are so many ways you can read for free, the main one being borrowing books from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and of course the trusty library! You can read whatever you'd like during this readathon so long as your reading material is borrowed!

The first round of #BorrowAThon will last from Monday, November 7 @ 12AM until Monday, November 14 @ 11:59PM in your timezone. There will be optional  social media challenges and Twitter chats throughout the week as well. I will be posting a full readathon schedule as well as a TBR at the end of October, and a daily schedule of events right here on FivEleveNinety each day of the readathon, but make sure you're following the @BorrowAThon Twitter account for in the moment updates leading up to and during #BorrowAThon so you do not miss anything! I hope you all can make it in November! :)

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