Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Packing for a Multi-Climate Trip

I've mentioned it in passing a few times here, but this weekend my family and I are going on a trip! I'm very excited for this adventure with my parents and sister. We get to explore a new part of the world together, get to try new things together, and most of all just relax together as a family, something we don't get to do very often.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to share with you all what I'm bringing along with me. We will be on our trip for 8 days and will be travelling through several different climates (from snowy New England, to mild New Orleans, to the warm and sunny Western Caribbean), so knowing what to bring without over packing can be a little tricky. Hopefully you will find this plan helpful if you take a multi-climate trip in the future!


Running shoes: For exercising as well as a few excursions we have planned on the trip.
Wedges: For evenings when the dress code will be a little ~fancier~.
Boat shoes: Boat shoes are so versatile and can really be acceptable to wear in any climate.
Sandals & flip flops: These will likely be my go-to footwear for the majority of the trip.


L.L. Bean tote: This will be my carry-on for our flights and probably the main bag I'll take with me to lounge by the pool, depending on how much I want to take along with me. All of the other bags will stay in my suitcase until they're needed.
Backpack: Need something a little more durable to take out on our excursions. This will be great to carry my GoPro and its attachments out with me!
Mint satchel: Something small to take with when we go out at night. Good to throw my camera and wallet in!
Cosmetic bag: Pretty self explanatory. This is a fold-out cosmetic bag I found at Target on sale for about $5. Not too bad!

Climate One: Snowy New England 
(Average Temp: 20-40° F)

Fortunately, we won't be spending too much time in this climate. Outside of walking from the house to the car and from the car to the terminal, we won't be spending much time outside in the cold, so I can get away without bringing my bulky coat and chunky boots with me. I'll be layering a hoodie under a heavier windbreaker for a coat, a scarf and a hat for some extra warmth, and wearing a comfy tee and jeans for the plane ride. I'll also be wearing my boat shoes for easy slip on and off when going through security!

Climate Two: Mild New Orleans
(Average Temp: 50-70° F)

The way our trip worked out gave us the opportunity to spend a night in the French Quarter of NOLA! Even though it's further south and anything above 20° feels like heaven to me at the moment, temperatures won't be warm enough to run around in a tank top quite yet. I'll likely be wearing a long sleeve, some denim shorts and comfy boat shoes to explore the city! If the temperature is on the low end, I'll trade shorts for jeans and bring the lighter coat that I wore on the plane with me.

Climate Three: Warm, Sunny Western Caribbean
(Average Temp: 70-85° F)

This is the climate that I've been longing for! We'll be in the Western Caribbean for the longest amount of time (6 days) but we'll be doing something different each day so I need to pack accordingly! I broke up my choices based on what we will be doing.
Day Wear

We will be doing lots and lots of swimming, snorkeling, and water-based activities, so I'll basically be living in a bathing suit. My day wear will likely consist of a bikini, a cover-up of some kind, and flip flops. If I'm not swimming, a tank top and shorts will be the alternative.

Excursions & Exercise

We do have an adventure-based excursion planned and I do plan on working out while on the trip, so comfortable exercise attire is a must! I'll be packing lacrosse pinnies and other active wear tank tops, athletic shorts, headbands, a hat, and my running shoes.

Night Out

We also have a couple of family dinners planned! My dad and sister will both have birthdays while we're at sea and we are definitely planning on celebrating, so I'll be packing a few dresses, a few nicer tops and denim shorts for more casual nights, and my nicer sandals and wedges to go along with each outfit!

And there you have it! I hope this comes in handy in the future if you're planning to travel across multiple climates in the future. It definitely takes a lot of consideration and planning to make sure you're prepared wardrobe-wise, but as long as you're taking the time to plan a few outfits out and consider every environment you'll be in, you'll be in good shape! Now the real question is if my bag will be under the weight limit...

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